The Frenzy Family 2nd Chance promotion for this Scratcher has ended.  Here’s a list of winners in the Extreme Millions promotion.  Interested in other 2nd Chance promotions?  Check out other 2nd Chance promotions that the Virginia Lottery currently has running.

Fantastic Frenzy fun + a 2nd Chance to win!

The Frenzy family has four games that are loaded with chances to win! Plus, the family features a 2nd Chance to win with non-winning Frenzy Scratchers. There are four games in the Frenzy family (ticket price in parentheses).

All four of these games feature prizes of $600 or less, which means any winning ticket could be cashed at a Lottery retailer!

Plus, if you don’t win on the Scratcher, each non-winning Frenzy Scratcher can be entered online to gain entries into one of 16 weekly drawings for a set number of $600 prizes. The number of $600 prizes grows incrementally over the course of the promotion. In the final drawing, 99 players each will win $600!

Each of the 16 drawings is separate. The number of entries each non-winning Frenzy Scratcher gets you is based upon the ticket price.

  • $30 Frenzy – This $1 game gets you one (1) entry.
  • $50 Frenzy– This $2 game gets you two (2) entries.
  • $200 Frenzy – This $5 game gets you five (5) entries.
  • $600 Frenzy – This $10 game gets you 10 entries.

If you enter non-winning Scratchers of all four games in the family at one time, you get 50 bonus entries!

Note that all entries that do not win a prize in the drawing in which they are entered are automatically entered into the final drawing.

Odds of winning the top prize in each game: $30 Frenzy: 1 in 204; $50 Frenzy: 1 in 151.86; $200 Frenzy: 1 in 352.51; $600 Frenzy: 1 in 403.20. Odds of winning a prize in the Frenzy Family 2nd Chance promotion depend on the number of entries received.