Playing Matters

Good fun for a great cause

When you play Virginia Lottery games, you are helping contribute to the education of children across the Commonwealth. In fact, approximately 30 cents of every dollar spent on Lottery games goes to K-12 public education in Virginia. Your dollars make a real impact, and you get to have fun while making a difference. We here at the Virginia Lottery aim to create fun games, promotions, and experiences for our players, all presented in the most responsible and ethical manner. That’s why we exist and why Virginians voted for a state-operated lottery in 1987. We’re good fun for a great cause.

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Giving Back

At the Virginia Lottery, we take playing seriously. Every time you scratch a ticket or pick your numbers for the big jackpot, you are creating winners in education all over Virginia. Since 1999, your support has helped us contribute more than $12 billion to public education in the Commonwealth.

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Lottery Performs

Our mission here at the Virginia Lottery is to contribute to Virginia’s future one play at a time by responsibly creating games, experiences and fun for our players.

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Lottery Scams

Don't allow yourself to be the victim of a fake lottery scam. If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

Find tips on how to protect yourself when you play lottery games.
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Play Responsibly

The Virginia Lottery is committed to presenting all its products in the most responsible and ethical manner. We encourage all those who play our games and participate in our promotions to play responsibly.

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Lottery Security

Integrity is one of the Virginia Lottery’s core values, and we embody that core value in each game and promotion we conduct. We take gaming seriously, making sure that each and every draw takes place under rigid security procedures.

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Voluntary Exclusion Program

The Virginia Lottery has instituted a self-help program for individuals who wish to voluntarily exclude themselves from sports betting and account-based lottery as well as gaming activities administered by the Office of Charitable and Regulatory Programs and the Virginia Racing Commission.

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Giving Back to Virginia Public Schools


Total Virginia Lottery profits generated for Virginia's K-12 public schools since 1999.

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