A new way to play.

Introducing the new Virginia Lottery app that includes all of your favorite features plus the new ability to play all your favorite games on your mobile device from anywhere in Virginia.

  • Create or log in to your existing Virginia Lottery account
  • Play any of our online instant win games and many of your favorite draw games such as Powerball, Mega Millions, and Pick 3.
  • Deposit funds in your wallet and withdraw winnings to your bank account.
  • Enter promotions by scanning your non-winning tickets
  • Scan any draw game ticket or Scratcher to instantly find out if it’s a winner!
  • Check winning numbers for all Virginia Lottery draw games
  • Find out the latest jackpot amounts
  • Learn all about our scratchers, including remaining prizes, and find out about new games as soon as they’re launched.

Need help? Email app@valottery.com, or call customer service at 804-692-7777, option 3.

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Mobile app FAQs:

A:Play games in the app! Our new app features the ability to play Lottery games on your phone or tablet from anywhere in Virginia. Just login to your account or create one, add a payment method, and deposit funds to your wallet. You’re now ready to play online instant win games, and many of your favorite draw games such as Powerball, Pick 3, and Cash4Life®. You can learn more at our How to Play Online page.

Quick and easy navigation. We want to make sure you can get wherever you want to go, whenever you want to get there, so we’ve added an all-new navigation bar at the bottom of just about every page in the app.

Mobile App Navigation Menu Dashboard Winning Numbers Games Promotions More

Use it to browse games, enter promotions such as eXTRA Chances, and easily access all your favorite features.

A: Many features in the app are available without having to log in, such as checking winning numbers and scanning a ticket to see if it’s a winner, but you will need an account to play games and enter promotions in the app.

A: No. You can use the same username and password in the app that you use on the Lottery website. Also, if you create a new account in the app, you can use that to log in to the website. Whether you access your account from the app or the website, all your account information such as transaction history and personal information will be the same.

A: To wager, deposit, or withdraw funds in the app, you must be logged into your Virginia Lottery account (created in the app or at valottery.com), and physically located in Virginia.

To play online instant win games in the app, you must add a payment method (debit card, PayPal®, or bank ACH), and deposit funds to your account (the minimum deposit is $10). Then you can play any online instant game at your desired price using the funds available in your wallet.

To play draw games in the app, you can use funds from your wallet as described above, or you can add the tickets to your shopping cart and pay for them at checkout using a debit card. The minimum shopping cart purchase is $5.

You can learn more about playing online, payment methods, depositing, and withdrawing at our How to Play Online page.

A: Prizes up to $5000.00 won on Lottery tickets purchased at retail can be claimed in the app. Learn more mobile cashing.

A: You can withdraw from your online wallet at retail using a withdrawal voucher in the app. Learn more about withdrawing at retail.

A: If the app doesn’t prompt you to allow access to the camera when you first try to scan a ticket, or if you initially deny access and change your mind, you’ll have to go allow the app access to the camera in your device’s settings.

A: When searching for a signal your device searches for the nearest cell tower. Sometimes when you are near Virginia’s border, that tower might be on the other side of the border in another state, which can prevent you from playing or making a transaction in the app.

First, make sure that you have Location Services turned on for the app in your device’s settings. Next, if you are near a Virginia border, try connecting to a Wi-Fi network that is in Virginia to pinpoint your location more accurately.

If neither of these solutions work, please contact customer service at (804) 692-7777 option 3 for further assistance.

cash winning tickets in app 
Mobile App Phones Play Now
App Navigation Icon Games

Play now!

Stay in the game, wherever you go! The new Virginia Lottery app brings all the fun of playing your favorite games right to your phone or tablet.

You can use the same email address and password to log in to both your valottery.com account and the app. Once you’re logged in you’ll be able to manage all of your account information, deposit funds and withdraw winnings, and play Lottery games from anywhere in Virginia.

For more information, visit our How to Play Online page.

Mobile App Phones Promotions
App Navigation Icon Promotions

Entering promotions made easy.

Skip the keyboard and enter promotions with a quick snap of your camera. Just login to your account, tap Promotions on the app menue, open the promotion you’d like to enter, and scan the barcode on your ticket for immediate entry.

Mobile App Phones Ticket Scanner
App Navigation Icon Ticket Scanner

Scan your ticket to see if it’s a winner.

You can find out whether or not any Virginia Lottery ticket (from Scratchers to draw games to Print ‘n Play) is a winner with a scan of the ticket’s barcode.

Mobile App Phones Winning Numbers
App Navigation Icon Winning Numbers

Check winning numbers.

Just tap Winning Numbers in the bottom menu to see the results of recent draws, plus the results from past draws for any Virginia Lottery draw game.