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The eXTRA Chances program has ended.

Hold on to your Lottery tickets for the launch of Virginia Lottery Rewards

January 21, 2024, was the last day to enter tickets into eXTRA Chances. The results of the final January drawing are posted below. In late February, Virginia Lottery Rewards, which is replacing eXTRA Chances, will launch. The Rewards program allows you to earn points that can be redeemed for free online games, free in-store games or drawing entries.

Most Scratchers will have the old eXTRA Chances logo on them, but they will be eligible to be entered into Virginia Lottery Rewards whether the ticket is a winner or not. All draw-game tickets (winning or nonwinning) are eligible too. The only caveat is that, if you have a winning ticket (Scratcher or draw) and the prize has been claimed, it will not be eligible for submission.

Stay tuned for more information about Virginia Lottery Rewards!

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