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We've Got Winners Kaushik Sheth

Kaushik Sheth of Fairfax said he had a dream in which a stranger told him he was going to win with the number combination 5-2-0-0. So he played the Virginia Lottery's Pick 4 game with that combination. He bought a $20 ticket, which is comparable to 20 single Pick 4 tickets.

Kim Anderson Pick 4 big winner

Kim Anderson of Richmond let her car steer her in the right direction of a $175,000 prize from the Virginia Lottery. She and her husband were in the car when they decided to play Pick 4. She chose her winning Pick 4 numbers based on her car’s tripometer. 

Mr. Johnson, Pick 4 winner

Randy Johnson is not the kind of person to make a fuss. So when the Chesterfield man discovered he’d won $125,000 in the Virginia Lottery’s Pick 4 game,he smiled and quietly walked out of the store. 

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pick 4
We have this cool random number generator that will select 4 numbers for you. It's totally random and just for fun. Each time you use it, you'll get a new set of numbers.

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Lottery games such as Pick 4 are based on a random selection of numbers, so it's impossible for any person or software program to predict which numbers will be drawn next. Some players, however, enjoy seeing how the Lottery's numbers have been drawn over time.

Click here to receive a complete list of winning Pick 4 numbers.

crunch the numbers

Got a favorite number and want to know how often it's been drawn? Use the number cruncher to get the stats! Remember that every draw is random and that each number has the same chance as any other of being selected.

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