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Powerball 500 Food Lion

Drawing - April 12, 2022

$500 Food Lion Gift Card - 16 Winners
Name City State
Michelle   H North Chesterfield VA
Rebecca   C Roanoke VA
Dione   S Chesapeake VA
Jerry   R Chester VA
Erix   R Harrisonburg VA
Theresa   S Chantilly VA
Michael   C Hopewell VA
Declan   H Leesburg VA
Louis   C Hague VA
Sarah   S Rockville VA
Paul   C Williamsburg VA
Derrick   R Hampton VA
Michael   M Virginia Beach VA
Laura   C Woodstock VA
Charles   C Chesapeake VA
Lucinda   P Dumfries VA

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Ultimately, the answer to this question varies from promotion to promotion, so we suggest checking the specific rules for each promotion you enter. We post winner results within 5 business days of a drawing. For those promotions that specify you need to keep any tickets/entry forms you enter to claim a prize, you’ll want to hang onto them for 90 days after the winners are posted for each drawing. Even if you don't see your name on the original list, we select alternates, and if the original winner can't claim a prize, we then reach out to alternates. That can take up to 90 days from the original posting, so keep those tickets/entry forms!

How do we contact winners?
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