FROGGER     #1653
Top Prize: 1 in 454,629     Any Prize: 1 in 4.30
Odds of winning are established when a game is printed. Number of winning tickets remaining will change as players win prizes. This page is updated daily. For more information on odds, click here.
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$250,000 CASH
$250,000 CASH #1829
Top Prize: $250,000
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All of the fun of the arcade classic – right in the palm of your hand! Navigate the highway, survive the river crossing, and get your frog home safely for a chance to win up to $150,000 on the spot!
To Play:
a. Scratch FROG 1 to reveal an arrow.
b. Scratch only the square in the direction indicated by the arrow (refer to the LEGEND on the front of the ticket). c. Repeat for FROGS 2 and 3.
You can win three (3) ways on this ticket:
1. If your revealed path finishes in the FINISH play area, win that prize.
2. If you uncover three (3) identical symbols across the 3 revealed FROG paths (FROGS 1-3), win the prize shown in the LEGEND.
3. If you uncover three (3) identical prize amounts across the 3 revealed FROG paths (FROGS 1-3), win that prize.
Note: The prize amounts revealed in the FINISH play areas cannot be used in combination with any other prize amount.