The list below shows prizes that are unclaimed as of 3/26/2015. This does not guarantee that these prizes are available, as some players may not have redeemed their winning tickets yet.
TOP PRIZE: 1 in 612,000ANY PRIZE: 1 in 3.87
Odds of winning are established when a game is printed. Number of winning tickets remaining will change as players win prizes. The Virginia Lottery will end sales of this game when someone claims the last top prize. The Lottery may close a game for other reasons. This page is updated daily.
START DATE:05/21/2012
END DATE:04/05/2013
Win up to $50,000 in prizes in this exciting $3 Scratcher if you complete 3 to 10 words by matching your letters to letters in the Crossword Puzzle.


Scratch the box marked YOUR LETTERS on the left side of the ticket. In the CROSSWORD puzzle, lightly scratch only the letters that match the letters in YOUR LETTERS. For example, if there is a “T” in YOUR LETTERS, scratch every “T” in the crossword puzzle. Letters that you scratch will turn white.

To complete a word in the puzzle, all letters in the word must match one of YOUR LETTERS on that ticket. If you complete at least 3 words, you win a prize as shown in the prize key on the back of the ticket. All completed words must be horizontal or vertical. Horizontal words must read left to right; vertical words must read top to bottom.

Only the highest prize won will be paid per ticket. Top prize is $50,000.