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Welcome to the Virginia Lottery online Media Center. Whether or not you're a member of the working news media, feel free to use the resources on this page. If you need help beyond what's available here, please contact the Virginia Lottery's Communications Department at 804-692-7778.

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Dec 03, 2012
$1 million Ticket Bought in Harrisonburg Claimed

Glenn Petke Glenn Petke was driving through Virginia when he stopped for gas at Mr. B’s Welcome Center in Harrisonburg. The Stoneville,North Carolina,man also bought some Powerball tickets and continued on to see family members in Connecticut.

On December 3,he returned to Virginia with a million-dollar ticket in hand. One of his tickets matched the first five numbers in the November 28 drawing to win $1 million.

The winning numbers were 5-16-22-23-29,and the Power Ball number was 6. Mr. Petke used Easy Pick and allowed the computer to randomly select five of his six numbers. The next day,he called a co-worker with the good news. 

“We just hit!” he said.

“Hit what?” came the reply.

“The Lottery!” 

His ticket was one of four in Virginia to win $1 million in Wednesday’s drawing,which had a record-setting jackpot of $587.5 million. The other three million-dollar tickets were bought in Alexandria,Daleville and Richmond. The tickets bought in Alexandria and Richmond have yet to be claimed.

For selling the winning ticket,Mr. B’s Welcome Center receives a $10,000 bonus from the Virginia Lottery.

Mr. Petke,who works as superintendent with a general contracting firm,said he doesn’t plan to retire. He said he does intend to pay off his mortgage. And because he lives near the state line,he also plans to keep playing the lottery,both in North Carolina and Virginia. Why both states?

“I cover all the bases,” he laughed.

Powerball drawings are held at 10:59 p.m. Wednesdays and Saturdays. Powerball drawings are broadcast on TV stations across Virginia and live on www.valottery.com. For more information on Powerball,visit www.powerball.com. 

When it comes to education,the Virginia Lottery is game. In fact,it’s the reason we play. We generate more than $1.3 million per day for Virginia’s K-12 public schools. Operating entirely on revenue from the sale of Lottery products,the Virginia Lottery generated more than $487.1 million for Virginia’s public schools in Fiscal Year 2012. For more info,visit our website,like us on Facebook,follow us on Twitter and check us out on YouTube. Please play responsibly.
Dec 01, 2017
A million-dollar lottery ticket in her husband’s backpack

Rosa IbarraRosa Ibarra was cleaning out her husband’s backpack when she found a Hot Millions Multiplier ticket from the Virginia Lottery. To her surprise, the ticket was a $1 million winner.

The ticket had been given to him by a friend, and he tossed it in the backpack after scratching it, thinking it was a joke. But it was no joke, the ticket really was worth $1 million. Since she found it and realized what it was worth, her husband told her to keep it.

Ms. Ibarra and her husband, who live in Avalon, Texas, were in Virginia for his work in construction. Their big win came just in time to celebrate their wedding anniversary in Virginia.

The ticket was bought at Wawa, 8800 Brook Road in Glen Allen, which receives a $10,000 bonus from the Virginia Lottery for selling the winning ticket. Ms. Ibarra had the choice of taking the full $1 million over 30 years or a cash option of $561,798 before taxes. She chose the cash option.

Hot Millions Multiplier (game #1616) is one of dozens of games offered by the Virginia Lottery. It features prizes ranging from $20 up to $4,000,000. Ms. Ibarra is the first player to win the $1 million prize in game #1616, which means two more remain unclaimed. In addition, two $4 million top-prize tickets also remain unclaimed.

The odds of winning the top prize in this game are 1 in 1,305,600. The odds of winning any prize in Hot Millions Multiplier are 1 in 3.0.

When it comes to education, the Virginia Lottery is game.  The winning ticket was bought in Henrico County, which received more than $20.4 million in lottery funds for K-12 education last fiscal year. For more information and a complete list of lot