Fortunes of Cleopatra

Odds per Game: 1 in 4.45

Odds of Winning Top Prize: 1 in 2,000,702

Travel up the Nile with Fortunes of Cleopatra, our new online instant game! If you unearth five or more matching symbols, you win a prize. Try to collect three Scarab Symbols to get 10 free plays, or collect three Snake Symbols to enter a bonus game. What does the desert have in store?

$1 - $30


How To Play

Each Fortunes of Cleopatra game features fifteen (15) symbols on a five-by-three (5x3) play area.

There are three (3) ways to win.

  1. Symbol Match:
    1. Reveal five (5) or more matching symbols anywhere on the board to win. Symbols may appear in three sizes: small(X1), medium (X2) and big (X3). Medium-size symbols are considered two (2) matching symbols; big-size symbols are considered three (3) matching symbols.
    2. Prizes will be awarded for winning matches according to the Prize Table for each symbol.
    3. There can be more than one (1) winning match simultaneously.
    4. Wild Symbol: Always expands to the entire column and is considered three (X3) matching symbols. The Wild Symbol substitutes for all symbols except the Scarab Symbol and Snake Symbol.
  2. Free Plays Bonus:
    1. Find three (3) Scarab Symbols anywhere on the board to unlock ten (10) free plays.
    2. The Free Plays Bonus has the same game mechanic as the main game.
    3. Press the PLAY button on the pop-up to initiate the free plays.
    4. All free plays will play automatically after starting.
    5. At the end of the free plays, a summary pop-up will be presented, and the prize value will be added to your balance.
  3. Bonus Game:
    1. Find three (3) Snake Symbols anywhere on the board to unlock a bonus game!
    2. The bonus game takes place on a five-by-three (5X3) grid of covered symbols.
    3. Behind each covered symbol hides either a prize value or a Wild Symbol.
    4. The Wild Symbol substitutes for any prize and can be used on multiple prizes.
    5. Reveal three (3) matching prizes to win that prize.
    6. Reveal a Wild symbol and two (2) matching prizes to win that prize.

Plays may be purchased for $1.00, $2.00, $5.00, $10.00, $20.00, $30.00.

Odds per Game are based on maximum possible tickets played. Top prize is based on highest possible price point played.


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