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extreme millions
estimated cash value: MILLION
odds of winning are 1 in 302,575,350
estimated cash value: MILLION
odds of winning are 1 in 292,201,338
Select game below for odds.
NeweXTRA Chances$30$20$10$5$3$2$1PromoClosing SoonAll
$30100X The Money1697 $10,000,0000b a
$30Extreme Millions1841 $10,000,0003a a
$20$250 000 Money Mania18376 $250,0007a a
$20Jewel 7S Playbook18727 $1,000,0002a b
$20Super Cash Frenzy18747 $4,000,0003a b
$20$100 Million Cash Extravaganza14677 $4,000,0001c 10/17/2018
$20$5,000,000 Cash Blowout14787 $5,000,0002c 1/12/2019
$20$4,000,000 Spectacular Riches17387 $4,000,0002a a
$20$3,500,000 Ultimate Millions15857 $3,500,0002a a
$2050X The Money17707 $5,000,0002a a
$20Hot Millions Multiplier16167 $4,000,0001a a
$10Gold Bar Bonanza17717 $1,000,0002a a
$1020X The Money17817 $1,000,0001c a1/12/2019
$10$1,000,000 Instant Cashout16647 $1,000,0001c a1/12/2019
$10$1,000,000 High Rollers Club17697 $1,000,0002a a
$10$52 Million Cash Spectacular14667 $1,000,0001c a1/12/2019
$10Blazing Hot 7S18856 $777,7772a b
$10Win Either $50 Or $10018243 $1005620c a1/12/2019
$10$1,000,000 Series16617 $1,000,0001a a
$10$32,000,000 Cash Payout18126 $750,0003a a
$1020X The Money18937 $1,000,0003a b
$10$30 Million Cash Out18637 $1,000,0003a b
$10Win Either $50 Or $10019123 $100176303d a
$510X The Money18946 $100,0007d b
$5Instant Jackpot19116 $300,0004d a
$5Big Money Maker18516 $200,0002a a
$5Ford Expedition Plus $100K18866 $100,0001a a
$5$16,000,000 Cash Payout18116 $300,0002a a
$5In The Money16966 $225,0000c a1/12/2019
$5Casino Cheer18446 $150,0001c b1/12/2019
$5Extreme Cash18486 $150,0002a a
$5Super Crossword17956 $100,0001a a
$510X The Money17906 $100,0001a a
$5Winter Winnings18456 $200,0001c b10/17/2018
$5Seven18626 $177,7771a b
$5Power5s18226 $555,5553a a
$5Cash Multiplier18736 $250,0002a a
$5$250,000 Cash18296 $250,0001a a
$5Sizzling Hot 7S18846 $177,7772a b
$5Jewel 7'S16766 $200,0003a a
$520 Years Of Cash!17326 $492,9192c a10/17/2018
$5Big Bills17036 $150,0001c a10/17/2018
$5Extreme Green17096 $100,0001c a10/17/2018
$5$500 Winfall18233 $500230a b
$5Extra Play17606 $250,0002a a
$5Money Bag Doubler16026 $250,0001c a1/12/2019
$5Super Cash18706 $200,0001a a
$5Pirate's Loot17756 $200,0001c a10/17/2018
$3Game Of Riches17685 $60,0002c a1/12/2019
$3X The Money Bingo18135 $60,0000c a10/17/2018
$37X The Money18575 $70,0001a b
$3Money Multiplier18815 $80,0004c a10/2/2018
$3$50,000 Crossword Tripler17765 $50,0000c a1/12/2019
$3Fast Cash Crossword17875 $50,0000c a10/17/2018
$3Blockbuster Crossword18565 $50,0002a b
$3Cash Multiplier Crossword18085 $50,0005d b
$2Triple Your Money17885 $40,0003a a
$2Quick $10017985 $30,0002a a
$2Find The 9S19145 $20,0003d a
$2Double Your Cash18195 $30,0000c a10/17/2018
$25X The Money18185 $20,0000c a1/12/2019
$2Red Hot 7S18835 $27,7770c b1/12/2019
$25X The Money18675 $20,0005a a
$2Lucky 1318205 $30,0001a b
$2Chocolate18175 $25,0001a b
$2Jumbo Bucks16705 $35,0001c a10/17/2018
$2$ Dollar Sign17895 $30,0001c a1/12/2019
$2Cash Splash18035 $40,0001c a10/17/2018
$2$5,000,000 Cash Payout18105 $50,0001c a1/12/2019
$2Weekly Grand18356 $469,8203a a
$12X The Money18584 $4,00012d a
$1201818474 $2,0182c b10/17/2018
$1Blackjack18594 $1,00073a a
$1$3 000 000 Cash Payout18094 $5,0001c a10/17/2018
$1Hot Dice15734 $2,50011c a10/17/2018
$1Ez $104018144 $1,04011a a
$1Weekly Half Grand18346 $234,9103a a
$1Tripler Series17424 $3,0003a a
$1Hot 7S18823 $7772c b1/12/2019
$12X The Money18074 $4,0000c a1/12/2019
$1Tic Tac Toe18314 $3,0001c a1/12/2019
$1Loose Change18303 $5002c a1/12/2019
$1Fast Bucks18324 $2,0001a a
PromoWe're Game For Education17772 $50356a a

extra chancesScratcher tickets with the eXTRA Chances logo offer a fun way to get instant online wins, awesome merchandise, big cash prizes, and other winning experiences on a non-winning Scratcher. eXTRA Chances - just another way Virginia Lottery Scratchers extend that great winning feeling! To enter your ticket into an eXTRA Chances drawing, visit MyGameRoom.

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