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VIEW DETAILS What is $1,000,000 Money Ball?

$1,000,000 Money Ball is a Virginia-only lottery game that offers you five different ways to win. During $1,000,000 Money Ball drawings, five numbered balls are drawn from a drum with 35 numbered balls and one Gold Million Dollar Money Ball. If the Gold Million Dollar Money Ball is selected as one of the five (5) balls drawn, an additional numbered ball is drawn, and the top prize goes from $100,000 to $1,000,000. See a prize chart to learn the five different ways you can win in this game.

VIEW DETAILS How do I update my MyGameRoom profile?

It's relatively easy to update your profile information, including your email address, mailing address, etc. You can do this by simply logging in using your email address and the password you created when you registered. Then, you can update your profile information by clicking the "Edit Registration" link at the top of the page. You can try doing this here.

VIEW DETAILS Where can I claim a prize?

See our How To Claim page for more information.

VIEW DETAILS Are prizes taxable?

Yes. All prizes are subject to income taxes. We must withhold federal and state taxes from each prize over $5,000 - 25% for federal taxes and 4% for state taxes. For all prizes over $600, the Lottery will issue a federal form W2-G to the winner.

VIEW DETAILS Can I remain anonymous when I claim my lottery winnings?

When you win the Lottery in Virginia, it’s not a secret! Your name, hometown, prize amount, date of win and where you bought the ticket are all public record. In addition, if you win a larger or unusual prize, we post a news release with your photo (yes, your photo will be taken when you collect that prize).

The news release and photo can be posted on our website, Facebook page, other social media platforms like Twitter, or other places for reasonable publicity, and it might be reported in news media. If you win a really large or unusual prize, we might hold a news conference with you.

Remember, the Virginia Lottery offers games to all Virginians, and they're played by Virginians who love games…and people want to know where those big Lottery prizes are won! Putting it into law is the state's way of keeping the Lottery honest. You don't need to take our word for it; you can see it for yourself. After all, if you never heard about any big winners, would you play?

By the way, the Virginia Freedom of Information Act allows the Lottery not to release a player's home address, phone number and Social Security number – and we don't.

VIEW DETAILS Who's winning Virginia Lottery prizes?

Every day people win the Virginia Lottery. Where a ticket is purchased does not determine whether it’s a winner. It’s true – some areas that have a larger population base tend to sell more tickets. Statistically speaking, it makes sense that these locations would have more winners, simply because they sell more tickets.

But it's important to note that everyone has the same chance of winning no matter where he/she purchases a ticket. Feel free to search for winners in your area here.

VIEW DETAILS How do I collect my subscription winnings?

With a subscription, we make it easy for you! Here is how we notify our subscribers when they win:

If you win the jackpot with a subscription, we will contact you with instructions on how to claim your prize.

If you win a prize of $30 or more for Mega Millions, the Lottery will mail you a check within ten days of the drawing.

All winnings less than $30 are accumulated, and you will receive one check at the end of your subscription for the total of those prizes.

VIEW DETAILS If the overall odds of winning a prize in a Scratcher game are 1 in 4, why didn't I win when I bought 5 or 10 tickets?

The overall odds of winning are established when a game is printed and are calculated by dividing the total number of tickets printed by the total number of prizes available. If there were 500,000 prizes in 2,000,000 tickets, for example, the overall odds would be 1 in 4. This does not guarantee a winner every fourth ticket, or even every eighth or tenth ticket. When Scratcher tickets are printed, prizes are randomly distributed throughout the packs. Although a particular string of 5 or 10 tickets may not produce a winner, another string of tickets could produce several winning tickets.

VIEW DETAILS How can I sign up to receive winning numbers by text?

You'll need to first sign up for a MyGameRoom account. Once you have logged in, you should see an option to sign up for alerts in the lower right-hand corner of the page. Click on the blue "sign up for alerts" button to select which specific alerts you'd like to begin receiving.

VIEW DETAILS I have a concern about a retail store (retailer).

Please email us and provide the name of the store, the store's address and any other important information you might want to include. We'll be happy to look into it for you!


eXTRA delivers a new look and more features to the 2nd Chance program and offers players chances to win even more:

•eXTRA launches exciting chances to win new instant prizes.
•eXTRA provides more chances to win Internet-only prizes.
•eXTRA gives you automatic entry into any final drawings for the grand prize.

With eXTRA, it’s now possible for you to win an instant prize, a daily, weekly, monthly, or experiential prize, and the final drawing grand prize- now that’s a lot eXTRA!

With eXTRA, non-winning Scratchers can be tossed once you enter them online in MyGameRoom.

Most importantly, you don’t have to do anything differently to enter an eXTRA promotion online. Just login to your MyGameRoom account and enter the eXTRA code from the front of the ticket and the promotion entry # from the back. That’s it!

VIEW DETAILS I received a phone call or e-mail from someone claiming to be from Mega Millions who said I won a big prize. Now they want me to send them money. Is this a scam?

There are a lot of scams in which criminals try to convince you that you won a non-existent "prize" and that you can claim it by sending them a "fee" or "taxes." It's only after you've sent them your money that you discover it was a fraud. These scammers are often located overseas, which means it's extremely unlikely you'll ever recover your money. They can be smooth, convincing and very persistent. They often prey on the elderly. Here are some tips on how to avoid being a victim. Remember: If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is!

VIEW DETAILS Is it possible to become addicted to playing lottery games?

Yes. Although most people can play the lottery or other games of chance without ill effects, there are some people for whom gambling of any sort can be harmful. It's not always easy to recognize gambling addiction. Just because someone gambles a lot doesn't mean he/she is an addict – and just because someone doesn't gamble much doesn't necessarily mean he/she is not an addict. The Virginia Lottery encourages you to play responsibly. Click here for more information on where you can seek help or just ask questions if you think you or someone you know has a gambling problem.

VIEW DETAILS If I purchase a ticket in Virginia, can I validate it in another state that sells the same game?

No. Even though there is only one set of winning numbers, each state accounts for ticket sales and validations separately. Your Mega Millions and Powerball tickets can be validated only in the state where you bought it.

VIEW DETAILS Why did the Mega Millions cash option go down?

Actually, the cash option hasn’t really changed. What has changed is the way in which we pay out the annuity. When the Mega Millions game changed in October 2013, the participating states agreed that the annuity would be paid in 30 increasing payments, instead of 26 equal payments. Payments that increase each year help winnings keep pace with inflation - the 30th payment is four times as much as the first payment - and also is more consistent with other regional and national jackpot games.

The jackpot is actually based on the cash we collect from ticket sales, current interest rates and the way we would make payments to the winner. The cash hasn’t changed, the annuity has.

We changed the starting jackpot from $12 million to $15 million. If a player won $12 million before and chose to take the cash option, the amount of cash he’d get is approximately the same as the amount of cash he’d get today if he won $15 million and took the cash option. It’s important to note that interest rates vary continuously - all day, every day.

VIEW DETAILS If I choose to take the full Mega Millions jackpot, rather than the cash value, how much will the annual payments be?

The Mega Millions annuity is paid out as one immediate payment followed by 29 annual payments. Each payment is 5% bigger than the previous one. We used to pay the jackpot in equal installments, but players expressed concern that the cost of living would be increasing while their payments were not. We changed to payments that increase each year to help protect winners’ lifestyle and purchasing power.

For a typical jackpot of $50 million, the initial payment would be more than $750,000, and future annual payments would grow to almost $3.1 million.

When the jackpot is $100 million, each payment is twice as big. When the jackpot is $25 million, each payment is half as big, etc.

VIEW DETAILS The odds of winning $1 for matching the Mega Ball number are published as 1 in 21. How can that be when there are only 15 Mega Balls?

It is easy to confuse the two ideas being discussed here. The odds of matching the Mega Ball are 1 in 15. However, often when you match the Mega Ball, you match some of the white balls too and win a larger prize. The 1 in 21 odds shown on the website are the odds of matching only the Mega Ball and thus winning $1.

VIEW DETAILS How do I win Mega Millions?

There are nine different ways to win a prize. Click here for details.

VIEW DETAILS What are Megaplier and Power Play, and how much does each cost?

Megaplier is an add-on feature available when you purchase a Mega Millions ticket. When you buy your ticket and tell the clerk to add Megaplier, you’ll pay $1 more per play. If you win with Megaplier, your non-jackpot prize is increased 2, 3, 4, or 5 times, depending on the Megaplier number drawn for that draw. The Megaplier number will NOT appear on your ticket. Megaplier increases your winnings up to $5,000,000. To see a chart showing Megaplier prizes and the number of balls in play, click here.

Power Play is an add-on feature available when you purchase a Powerball ticket. When you buy your ticket and tell the clerk to add Power Play, you’ll pay $1 more per play. If you win with Power Play, your non-jackpot prize is increased 2, 3, 4 or 5 times, depending on the Power Play number drawn for that draw. To see a prize structure for Powerball, click here. You can win up to $2,000,000 with Power Play.

VIEW DETAILS For Powerball and Mega Millions, do I have to match the numbers in the exact order drawn?

No. For Mega Millions and Powerball, the tickets print the white ball numbers (the first five numbers) in numerical order, so you can match those first five white balls drawn in any order. The Powerball number on your ticket (the last number below the letters “PB”) or the Mega Ball number (the last number below the letters “MB”) must be the same as the red Powerball number or yellow Mega Ball number drawn to be considered a match. Matching numbers must be on the same play to win a prize; you cannot combine numbers from different plays (rows) or different tickets to try to make a match.

VIEW DETAILS When are Powerball ticket sales cut off on days when there is a drawing?

Powerball sales will stop one hour before the drawing at 10 p.m. on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

VIEW DETAILS Why don’t you show how many prizes remain in each Fast Play game?

Fast Play games don’t have a limited numbers of prizes like Scratchers do. Think of it this way: a Fast Play game is like a pile of 240,000 or 480,000 imaginary tickets. In that pile are $2 winners, $10 winners, $100 winners, etc. – whatever the game calls for.

Some of those tickets are top prize winners, as determined by the game’s odds.

Each time a player requests a Fast Play ticket somewhere in the Commonwealth, the host computer randomly selects one of those tickets and prints it.

The ticket that was just sold is then returned to the “pile” so the next player still has the same 240,000 or 480,000 to choose from.

This is why a Fast Play game never runs out of top prizes and why you won’t see information about Fast Play prizes remaining on our website. Whenever a Fast Play game is sold, it gets put back in the “pile.” The term for this type of selection is, sampling with replacement .

VIEW DETAILS What is Boost?

How about a Boost to your day? Well, your Pick 3 play, that is!

For 50 cents or $1, Boost adds 5 sets of Easy Pick exact order numbers to your regular Pick 3 ticket and gives you 5 more chances to win a Pick 3 prize!

When one of the Boost numbers matches the drawn Pick 3 winning number in exact order, players win $100 for a $1.00 wager and $50 for $.50 wager.

VIEW DETAILS What was the Virginia Lottery's first Scratcher game?

The Virginia Lottery's first Scratcher game was "Match 3." It went on sale September 20, 1988, as the Lottery's first game. On the first day alone, 5.5 million tickets were sold. An estimated 91 players won $5,000 that first day and 36.2 million tickets were sold in just the first week!

VIEW DETAILS Can I buy $1,000,000 Money Ball tickets on the Internet?

No. $1,000,000 Money Ball tickets can be legally purchased only at a Lottery sales terminal in stores that sell Virginia Lottery games.

VIEW DETAILS Can $1,000,000 Money Ball tickets be canceled?

Yes. Tickets for $1,000,000 Money Ball can be canceled if purchased from one of the clerk-operated terminals; if you realize there's a mistake on your ticket, tell the clerk before you leave the store. Tickets purchased from a clerk-operated terminal may be canceled only on the same day, at the store purchased, and prior to the draw close time. Tickets purchased from a Lottery vending machine cannot be canceled. Make sure to use a playslip to ensure you get exactly what you want.

VIEW DETAILS Where can I check winning numbers for $1,000,000 Money Ball?

You can check tickets in stores that sell Virginia Lottery games, sign up for winning number alerts at or check your tickets on our website here. Also, players may call (804) 662-5825 for all $1,000,000 Money Ball drawing results.

VIEW DETAILS How do I claim my $1,000,000 Money Ball prize?

You can claim a prize of up to $600 at any participating Virginia Lottery retailer. You do NOT have to cash the ticket at the same store where you bought it. You can claim prizes of more than $600 at a Virginia Lottery customer service center. For more info, click here. All prizes can be claimed by mail.

VIEW DETAILS In $1,000,000 Money Ball, do I have to match the numbers in the exact order drawn?

No. The tickets print the five numbered balls in numerical order, so order doesn’t matter in this game. Matching numbers must be on the same play, or line, to win a prize; you cannot combine numbers from different plays or different tickets to try to make a match.

VIEW DETAILS How many states currently offer $1,000,000 Money Ball?

Virginia is the only state offering the $1,000,000 Money Ball game. $1,000,000 Money Ball – it’s just for you, Virginia!

VIEW DETAILS Can I purchase a $1,000,000 Money Ball subscription?

Not at this time. We hope to have some expanded subscription offerings available for players within the next year.

VIEW DETAILS When are $1,000,000 Money Ball ticket sales cut off on days when there is a drawing?

$1,000,000 Money Ball sales will stop at 10:45 p.m. on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

VIEW DETAILS What are the ways to win in $1,000,000 Money Ball?

You can view a chart of all five different ways to win here.

VIEW DETAILS What happens if more than one person wins the $1,000,000 prize in $1,000,000 Money Ball?

If the combined total of top prizes won exceeds $2,000,000 in any single $1,000,000 Money Ball drawing, such prizes will become pari-mutuel for that drawing. In other words, if two people win $1,000,000 in one drawing, each person will receive the full prize (minus taxes). If more than two people win, the prize becomes pari-mutuel.

VIEW DETAILS What are the odds of winning the top prize in $1,000,000 Money Ball?

The odds of winning the top prize in $1,000,000 Money Ball are 1 in 2,337,350. The odds of winning any prize are 1 in 7.2.

VIEW DETAILS Can I buy future plays for $1,000,000 Money Ball?

Yes, you can ask your Virginia Lottery retailer for a $1,000,000 Money Ball “multi-draw” ticket for up to 26 draws. Ask for “multi-draw” and tell the clerk how many consecutive drawings you want to play.

VIEW DETAILS Is the top prize in $1,000,000 Money Ball paid in one lump sum?

Yes. There is no annuity option for the top prize in $1,000,000 Money Ball.

VIEW DETAILS When are $1,000,000 Money Ball drawings held?

Every Wednesday and Saturday at 11 p.m., Eastern Time, by the Virginia Lottery in Richmond, Virginia.

VIEW DETAILS When did the Virginia Lottery begin selling $1,000,000 Money Ball tickets?

Tickets went on sale September 14, 2014. The first drawing was September 17, 2014.

VIEW DETAILS When do $1,000,000 Money Ball tickets expire?

$1,000,000 Money Ball tickets purchased in Virginia expire at 5:01 p.m. on the 180th day after the date of the drawing. In other words, you have 180 days (about six months) from the draw date to claim your prize.

VIEW DETAILS Where can I watch the $1,000,000 Money Ball drawing?

You can view the drawing live via streaming video on You can also view archived videos at

VIEW DETAILS Who can play $1,000,000 Money Ball?

Anyone 18 years of age or older can buy a ticket from an authorized Virginia Lottery retailer.

VIEW DETAILS How much does a $1,000,000 Money Ball ticket cost?

Tickets cost $2 for a single play for one drawing.

VIEW DETAILS Can I buy Virginia Lottery tickets with a debit card or a gift card?

You can purchase Lottery games with cash, debit, and pre-paid gift cards (like Visa & MasterCard). By law, you cannot play with credit cards. You may want to check with your local retailer about debit. Some have store policies that do not allow debit for lottery games.

VIEW DETAILS Is it true that the odds of winning the lottery are worse than being killed by lightning?

If you don’t go out in thunderstorms, the chance of being killed by lightning is about zero. If you don’t buy lottery tickets, your chance of winning the lottery is absolutely zero. We recommend you buy a few lottery tickets a year and that you don’t go out in thunderstorms.

VIEW DETAILS Where can I watch the live draw?

There are lots of options! You can view the draw live on our website by clicking the red "View Winning Numbers" tab at the top of the page. The draw is also available on our Facebook page – just click on the “View Draw Show LIVE!” tab beneath our cover photo.

Powerball and Mega Millions draws are shown at 10:59 p.m. on the following television stations:

WAVY-TV 10 – Hampton Roads
WDBJ-TV 7 – Roanoke
WHSV-TV 3 – Harrisonburg
WRIC-TV 8 – Richmond
WJLA-TV 7 – Northern Virginia
WFDC-TV – Northern Virginia (Hispanic)

And never fear! If you missed the live drawing, you can still watch replays on our website.

VIEW DETAILS Can a group of people share a prize?

Absolutely! All winners don’t necessarily have to be present to claim winnings. However, we would need a photo I.D. and documented proof of Social Security number for any person who would be receiving money. If someone can’t make it to claim the prize, we would mail that person’s winnings since we can't give another player someone else's prize. If your group wins a jackpot prize, we would require all group members fill out a beneficiary form.

Basically, our advice would be this: have an agreement in place, signed by all of your members, that details how you will split any wins (i.e. equally, some more than others, annual payout vs. cash option, etc.). You could even have the agreement notarized if you choose. If your group should win a large sum, hopefully you will already have some of those tough decisions made!

One important thing to remember is that if your group wins a prize with both a cash option AND an annuity option, all group members must agree on one option. In other words, we can’t give some group members the annuity option and others the cash option. Consensus is a beautiful thing!

VIEW DETAILS When do ticket sales cut off on days when there is a drawing?

Tickets can be purchased until 10:45 p.m. for everything EXCEPT Powerball, which stops sales at 10 p.m. (if you’re up that late...or are waiting until the last minute. What are you waiting til the last minute for anyway?)

VIEW DETAILS Can tickets be canceled?

Mega Millions, Powerball, and Decades of Dollars tickets CANNOT be canceled. Want to be sure you got the right numbers? Filling out a playslip is the way to go! For Pick 3, Pick 4, Cash 5, and $1,000,000 Money Ball, take a minute to check your tickets before you leave the store. If it’s not what you wanted, ask the clerk to cancel it.

VIEW DETAILS What is "Cash Option"?

For some games, the advertised top prize is an annuity, which means it's paid out over a set number of years. In most of those games, we give you a choice: you can either take the full prize amount in annual payments, or you can take a one-time payment called the "Cash Option."

Here’s how it works: When we get the word that a prize has been won in Virginia, even before we know who the winner is, we invest in U.S. Treasury Bonds in an amount that will guarantee the full prize amount over all the years of the annuity.

But let’s say you’re the winner, and you don’t want to get a payment every year. So you tell us you prefer the cash option. We then sell those Treasury Bonds, and you get the proceeds of the sale. It won’t be as much as the annuity amount, but it will be all at once. Which option is right for you? You definitely should talk to a financial professional before you make that decision.

Here are the Virginia Lottery games that offer both an annuity and a cash option:
• Mega Millions
• Powerball
• Decades of Dollars
• Some Scratcher games

VIEW DETAILS Why doesn’t the Cash 5 game have a rolling jackpot?

In our Cash 5 game, we are able to offer a $25,000 prize (25-cent play), a $50,000 prize (50-cent play) or a $100,000 prize ($1 play) twice a day because the game is designed to produce a top-prize winner approximately every three or four days.

To have a rolling jackpot, we’d have to stop offering the option of four plays for a dollar. In order for everyone to have the same chance of winning, each ticket would need to be a single $1 play. Then we’d have to start with a jackpot at something like $20,000.

It would reach about $100,000 about every 3rd or 4th day (6 to 8 draws), and on average, players would still win about $100,000 each. Sometimes a player would win when it started small, and sometimes a player would win more when it had rolled longer.

Today, the Virginia Lottery is willing to offer $100,000 every draw of every day. The biggest benefit of this game is that even if we sell up to 20 winning tickets, we pay each winner the full amount. In a rolling Cash 5 game, if there is more than one winner, those winners SPLIT the jackpot.

By the way, the reason we wouldn’t just start at $100,000 and then roll is because that particular game here in Virginia simply doesn’t sell enough tickets to support a jackpot starting at that amount. Make sense?

VIEW DETAILS Why don’t you offer a larger prize amount for the Cash 5 second prize?

Cash 5 is designed like most lottery games. Most of the prize money the Lottery puts into the game goes into the top prize.

Every time we talk to players about our games, the #1 feature they are concerned about is the maximum amount of money they can win.

We recognize that putting money into other prizes, too, is very worthwhile and makes the game more satisfying for players. Players win other prizes much more often than top prizes. So, while most players tell us all they care about is the top prize, we try to put an appropriate amount of money into other prizes, too.

VIEW DETAILS Can I buy lottery tickets by mail or online on the Internet?

Right now, you can buy a subscription online to Mega Millions if you have a Virginia mailing address. If you’d prefer to purchase your subscription by mail, you can fill out a hard-copy form; simply request one by visiting the "Contact Us" page . We don’t currently offer subscriptions to our other draw games, but we know that’s something lots of folks would like to see! So we’re working on it and hope to have a new and improved subscriptions program soon.

If you don’t have a Virginia mailing address and you'd still like to play our games, you can travel to Virginia and purchase tickets from any Virginia Lottery retailer, or if you happen to know someone who lives in Virginia, you can ask them to purchase tickets for you.

VIEW DETAILS What happens if I lose a winning ticket?

Losing a lottery ticket is almost like losing cash. Lottery tickets are bearer instruments. Unless you sign your winning ticket, anyone else can claim the prize.

VIEW DETAILS What lottery games can I play in Virginia?

Instant Games:

• Scratchers: An instant classic. Your best bet for quick fun.

• FastPlay Games: Play in an instant. Win on the spot. No scratching required.

Daily Games: Chances to win twice a day, seven days a week.

• Pick 3. Most popular game. $500 top prize.
• Pick 4. A number lover’s dream come true. $5,000 top prize.
• Cash 5. Classic lotto feel, modern features. $100,000 top prize.

Jackpot Games:

• Mega Millions & Powerball. Biggest jackpots around. Both games drawn twice a week.
• Decades of Dollars. Top prize of $250,000 per year for 30 years. Drawn twice a week.
• $1,000,000 Money Ball. Top prize of - you guessed it - $1,000,000 paid in one lump sum. Drawn twice a week.

VIEW DETAILS What do I need to take with me when I claim a winning ticket?

Simple. If you win a cash prize of $600 or less, just take the signed ticket to any Virginia Lottery retailer.

If you want to go to a Lottery Customer Service Center or one of our two Prize Zone locations, you need to make sure you bring your Social Security card or an official document with your Social Security number for all prizes of $100 or more. You also need to bring a photo I.D.

Want to mail in your winning ticket? For prizes of $100 or more, just make sure to put your Social Security number along with your signature on the back of the ticket.

Keep in mind, if you want to cash a winning check greater than $1,000 at Bank of America (that’s our bank, by the way), be preprared to show two forms of I.D. For a list of acceptable I.D.s, click here.

VIEW DETAILS Can I claim lottery winnings by mail?

Yes. You can claim any prize by mailing your signed ticket to:

Virginia Lottery Claims
P.O. Box 1254
Richmond,VA 23218-1254

Just to be safe, we suggest you use certified or registered mail and provide your complete name and address information on the envelope. Don’t forget to write your Social Security number on the back of tickets worth $100 or more.

VIEW DETAILS Can I claim my losing lottery tickets on my taxes?

For the best answer to this question, check with the appropriate taxing authority (Federal, State, or Local). You may find information at or You should also consult a tax professional for assistance.

VIEW DETAILS How old do I have to be to play?

You gotta be 18 or older.

VIEW DETAILS How do I play Scratcher games?

1. Hold Scratcher ticket in your left hand.
2. Hold coin or other scratching device in your right hand. (for left-handed players:reverse)
3. Apply coin to ticket in a back-and-forth motion.
4. If scratching reveals a winning ticket, jump up and down and shout, “I won!”

Click here for information on what games are available.

VIEW DETAILS Can I buy future plays?

Yes. You can ask your Virginia Lottery retailer for a future play ticket for Mega Millions; Powerball; $1,000,000 Money Ball; Decades of Dollars; Cash 5; Pick 4; and Pick 3.

VIEW DETAILS Can I choose new or different numbers for my current subscription?

When you purchase a subscription, you receive one set of numbers for the entire duration of the subscription. That same set of numbers is automatically played each drawing, and if you win, we notify you!

If you don’t like your numbers or want to change them, you won’t be able to do that once your subscription has started. We can’t change or cancel them once the wagers have already been placed in our system. Much like when you purchase a Mega Millions ticket from a clerk at one of our retail locations, those plays cannot be cancelled.

VIEW DETAILS When will the Lottery develop an app that scans tickets from my mobile device?

A Virginia Lottery app is definitely something that’s on our radar! Stay tuned. Feel free to tell us what you would like to see in an app. Click here to send us an email.

VIEW DETAILS I just received a new phone number, and I am not sure why I’m getting text messages from the Virginia Lottery.

The person who previously had your phone number may have signed up for the service. If you wish to cancel alerts, please text STOP to 82568 (or reply to the last text you received).

VIEW DETAILS How do I register for a promotion?

Go to MyGameRoom and register for an account by clicking the "Join the Fun!" button at the top of the page! If you already have an account, simply click the "Login Now!" button.

VIEW DETAILS What is an Easy Pick?

Don’t feel like picking your own numbers? Use Easy Pick and let the computer choose for you!

VIEW DETAILS Where can I get the numbers from old raffle games in Virginia?

Looking for raffle results? Click here to view winners from past raffle drawings.

Remember that prizes can be redeemed for 180 days from the date of the drawing.

VIEW DETAILS How can I get more information about the Virginia Lottery?

Call, write, email. We’re here for Virginia!

PHONE: (804) 692-7777

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VIEW DETAILS How long do I have to collect a prize?

Why would you want to wait? Seriously, you have 180 days from the date of the draw for draw games and 180 days from the official game end date for Scratchers.

VIEW DETAILS How do I get the Virginia Lottery to consider sponsoring my organization's event?

Send us a written proposal 60 days before the event. We'll consider it.

Make sure you include:
• Event name, location and date(s)
• Available sponsorship levels and the benefits of each
• Previous event attendance
• Any media exposure or marketing value provided to event sponsors

Please send the proposal to: Virginia Lottery, Attn: Community Relations & Sponsorship Manager, 900 East Main Street, Richmond, VA 23219 or call (804) 692-7778 with any questions.

VIEW DETAILS What is the Virginia Lottery's policy on prizes remaining for Scratchers?

We post detailed information about all of our Scratcher games (including top prizes remaining) on this website. It's the most current source, and it's updated daily. You can also contact us by clicking here.

When both of the following events have occurred in any Scratcher game:

1. The last instant win top prize has been claimed;
2. All second-chance top prize drawings, if any, have been held;

the Virginia Lottery will:

a) notify all Lottery retailers and Customer Service Centers to stop selling the game immediately;
b) automatically block future orders via the Lottery's computer systems;
c) automatically update the website on the next calendar day that no top prizes remain.

If you don't see a particular Scratcher game listed, it's probably expired, and you won't be able to claim a prize from that game anymore.

VIEW DETAILS When did the Virginia Lottery begin selling Powerball tickets?

Tickets went on sale Sunday, January 31, 2010. The first Powerball draw that included Virginia Lottery tickets was held Wednesday, February 3, 2010.

VIEW DETAILS Can I get Lottery information in other languages?

We’re working on it! Stay tuned…

VIEW DETAILS Will I be charged for receiving text messages?

The Virginia Lottery does not charge for the service, but certain data and messaging rates may apply based on your mobile phone plan. Please check with your phone company.

VIEW DETAILS How can I stop or change my text messaging service?

Don't want alerts? Type in the following keywords to 82568:

 Don’t Want  Keyword
 Any Alerts  STOP
 Pick 3, Pick 4 and Cash 5  NODAILY
 Mega Millions  NOMEGA
 Powerball  NOPOWER
 Win for Life  NOWFL
 Decades of Dollars  NODOD

VIEW DETAILS What if I need help or information regarding text messages?

Please text the keyword HELP to 82568.

VIEW DETAILS Why doesn't my subscription start immediately?

Your subscription usually starts about five draws out from the day you register. The reason for this is because there is some processing time, and we need to allow time for your subscription payment to clear your bank account. We promise it's worth the wait!

VIEW DETAILS Do Virginia Lottery profits really go to K-12 education in Virginia?

Yes. By law, all Virginia Lottery profits are required to be used by the Commonwealth for K-12 education. For more information, including year-by-year sales and profits figures, click here.

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