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HIT It Big Time! Promotion - HIT $155,000: VISA Cash Card - $75 (1 remaining)

HIT It Big Time! Promotion - HIT $25,000: VISA Cash Card - $25 (4 remaining)

HIT It Big Time! Promotion - HIT $55,000: VISA Cash Card - $50 (0 remaining)

$100,000 Home Changer Scratcher Promotion: $500 The Home DepotĀ® Gift Card (1 remaining)

Tammy H, Fieldeal 7:58 PM

John C, Wytheville 7:00 PM

Richard J, Oak Hill 6:56 PM

Fatima B, Henrico 6:21 PM

Dennis T, Fairfax 6:14 PM

Patrick B, Virginia Beach 4:59 PM

Mary C, Pennington Gap 4:34 PM

Paul M, Gainesville 3:38 PM

Geraldine L, Norfolk 3:06 PM

Christopher S, Jenkins 2:34 PM

Bianca T, Petersburg 1:09 PM

Latosha M, Newport News 1:00 PM

Jeremy W, Salem 12:46 PM

Louis M, Virginia Beach 12:27 PM

Freddie A, Virginia Beach 11:40 AM

James O, Chesapeake 11:33 AM

Joan D, Centreville 10:48 AM

John E, Henrico 10:10 AM

Grady M, Fredericksburg 9:50 AM

Carey L, Triangle 9:20 AM

Diamond B, Virginia Beach 9:09 AM

Sharon B, Burke 8:59 AM

Allen K. H, Bristol, 8:29 AM

Lisa S, N. Chesterfield 8:04 AM

Ervin A, Alexandria 7:59 AM

Anita S, Henrico 7:52 AM

Samuel M, Kenbrigde 7:34 AM

Jose T, Virginia Beach 7:06 AM

Tony K, Newport News 6:09 AM

Bonnie Q, Bunker Hill 5:18 AM

Tammy L, Danville 4:41 AM

Edward M, Radford 4:15 AM

Richard T, Portsmouth 4:09 AM

Pamela J, Petersburg 3:21 AM

Donna B, Petersburg 2:19 AM

Gary M, Hardy 1:49 AM

Jesse W, Va Beach 1:34 AM

Isaiah P, Virginia Beach 1:24 AM

Daily Instant Winners: 38