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Entry deadlines for instant-win, internet only, and final drawing prizes vary by promotion.

**Your non-winning ticket is eligible for the instant-win prizes available on the day you submit your entry; it does not carry over for subsequent days' prizes.

**Instant wins are random and immediate, and vary based on the number of eXTRA prizes available for that day

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eXTRA Chances - $1: $25 Cash Card (12 remaining)

eXTRA Chances - $10: $100 Cash Card (10 remaining)

eXTRA Chances - $2: $25 Cash Card (8 remaining)

eXTRA Chances - $3: $50 Cash Card (9 remaining)

eXTRA Chances - $5: $75 Cash Card (14 remaining)

Kevin D, Norfolk 2:06 PM

Ricardo R, Petersburg 2:04 PM

Linda C, Stanardsville 1:58 PM

Harry D, Richmond 1:47 PM

Suzanne S, Roanoke 1:38 PM

Evelyn W, Chesterfield 1:32 PM

Connie T, Gretna 1:29 PM

Carolyn Z, Va. Beach 1:24 PM

Aaron A, Norfolk 1:20 PM

Maryann F, Portsmouth 1:17 PM

Linda C, Hayes 1:12 PM

Thomas R, Ivor 1:08 PM

Debra C, Chesapeake 1:03 PM

Darnitta W, Arlington 1:02 PM

Gregory D, Nathalie 12:21 PM

John A, Woodbridge 12:20 PM

Ilinda K, Newport News 12:20 PM

Gwendolyn B, Lynchburg 12:12 PM

Linda R, Norfolk 12:12 PM

Mathias S, Norfolk 12:08 PM

Gary G, Staunton 12:01 PM

Shareka J, Charlottesville 11:47 AM

Felicia V, Richmond 11:41 AM

Brenon E, Hampton 11:33 AM

James G, Portsmouth 11:29 AM

Pamela J, Barboursville 11:25 AM

Hans N, Forest 11:10 AM

Hattie S, Lynchburg 11:03 AM

Sylvester W, South Boston 11:03 AM

Tony H, Gretna 10:53 AM

Scott R, Galax 10:51 AM

Jeanie W, Richmond 10:49 AM

Catherine M, Virginia Beach 10:18 AM

Maureen E, Midlothian 9:50 AM

Thomas O, Woodbridge 9:50 AM

Linda T, Richmond 9:40 AM

Pamela C, Portsmouth 9:29 AM

William G, Moneta 9:07 AM

Shemetris B, Portsmouth 8:58 AM

Juddie F, Narrows 8:54 AM

Robert F, Newport News 8:44 AM

Jennifer H, Mechanicsville 8:32 AM

Noah W, Fredericksburg 8:32 AM

Russell A, Charles City 8:29 AM

Debbie H, Fredericksburg 8:20 AM

Everett G, Powhatan 7:51 AM

Benjamin T, Saltville 7:36 AM

Lisa C, Hampton 7:28 AM

Janie B, Salem 7:23 AM

Toby F, Spotsylvania 7:05 AM

Steven G, Coeburn 6:45 AM

Toby F, Spotsylvania 6:44 AM

Zachary D, Portsmouth 6:41 AM

Suzanne B, Norfolk 6:28 AM

Harold H, Locust Grove 6:18 AM

Edna T, Roanoke 6:11 AM

Karl B, Woodbridge 6:03 AM

Sheila M, Newport News 6:00 AM

Noah F, Roanoke 5:28 AM

Brenda B, Hillsville 5:20 AM

Bonnie Q, Bunker Hill 5:07 AM

Barbara A H, Centreville 4:44 AM

Albert L, Waynesboro 4:43 AM

Carrolyn W, Richmond 4:23 AM

Leander S, Chesapeake 4:21 AM

David W, Callaway 4:14 AM

Albert L, Waynesboro 4:12 AM

Violetta G, Woodbridge 4:03 AM

Violetta G, Woodbridge 4:01 AM

Theresa M, Danville 3:57 AM

Dorothy D, Bristol 3:33 AM

Pam J, Stephens City 3:14 AM

Jennetta S, Norfolk 2:56 AM

Jesse W, Va Beach 2:52 AM

Kim E, Austinville 2:42 AM

Steven D, Portsmouth 2:41 AM

Eunsin K, Springfied 2:39 AM

Gina D, Williamsburg 2:34 AM

Paula L, Big Stone Gap 2:13 AM

Megha S, Midlothian 2:12 AM

Gloria R, Aylett 2:09 AM

John C, Collinsville 1:58 AM

Barbara S, Barhamsville 1:49 AM

Lynda H, Newport News 1:48 AM

Louise M, Lynchburg 1:39 AM

Robin J, Staunton 1:33 AM

Thomas S, Barhamsville 1:31 AM

Percy H, Chesapeake 1:27 AM

Christopher D, Fincastle 1:19 AM

Albert L, Waynesboro 1:16 AM

Clarence H, Carrollton 1:04 AM

Pamela R, Glen Allen 12:59 AM

Lori M, Coeburn 12:56 AM

Lucille E, Amherst 12:35 AM

Terri B, Fredericksburg 12:14 AM

Ronnie C, Petersburg 12:08 AM

Danielle S, Norfolk 12:04 AM

Daily Instant Winners: 97

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