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eXTRA Chances - $1: $25 Cash Card (14 remaining)

eXTRA Chances - $10: $100 Cash Card (11 remaining)

eXTRA Chances - $2: $25 Cash Card (15 remaining)

eXTRA Chances - $3: $50 Cash Card (18 remaining)

eXTRA Chances - $5: $75 Cash Card (19 remaining)

Mahlet M, Culpeper 11:13 AM

Edward B, Alexandria 11:10 AM

Arlene B, Windsor 10:59 AM

Vivian F, Herndon 10:51 AM

Spencer T, Charles City 10:51 AM

Tony K, Newport News 10:18 AM

Bessie B, Richlands 10:17 AM

Jose T, Virginia Beach 10:16 AM

Tawanna W, Petersburg 10:12 AM

Tina M, Manor 9:59 AM

Victoria S, Roanoke 9:49 AM

Johnathon M, Bassett 9:49 AM

Tonya W, Va Beach 9:34 AM

Richard W, Richmond 9:23 AM

Mary H, Glen Allen 9:20 AM

Rolando C, Newport News 9:13 AM

Soo E, Franklin 8:01 AM

Bernell M, Richmond 7:51 AM

Vandarrow H, Norfolk 7:50 AM

Karen W, Lynchburg 7:32 AM

Cynthia N, Alexandria 7:25 AM

Doris J, Virginia Beach 7:13 AM

Heather S, Hillsville 7:00 AM

Janet J, Pulaski 6:57 AM

Jose A, Woodbridge 6:47 AM

Robert P, Chesterfield 6:46 AM

Stanley F, Newport News 6:29 AM

Frank J, Roanoke 6:26 AM

Shonattay W, Va Beach 6:22 AM

Lutricia B, Chesapeake, 5:47 AM

Christina R, Danville 5:43 AM

Patricia O, North Garden 5:33 AM

Bonnie Q, Bunker Hill 5:20 AM

Barbara B, Danville 5:18 AM

Edna T, Roanoke 5:18 AM

Guy W, Ashburn 5:12 AM

Dennis P, Bedford 5:10 AM

Patricia H, Peersburg 5:00 AM

Winfred J, Quinton 4:53 AM

Steven D, Portsmouth 4:43 AM

William L, Richmond 4:42 AM

Idella S, Abingdon 4:31 AM

Sharon R, Suffolk 4:28 AM

Noah F, Roanoke 4:22 AM

Melissa D, Alexandria 4:19 AM

Mike C, Chester 4:10 AM

Violetta G, Woodbridge 4:02 AM

Larry S, Danville 3:39 AM

Sharon B, Burke 3:37 AM

Angela S, Richmond 3:23 AM

Gerald R, Burke 3:14 AM

Paulette A, Williamsburg 3:12 AM

Valencia W, Virginia Beach 3:11 AM

David M, Alexandria 3:11 AM

Danielle G, Center Cross 2:53 AM

Sharon W, Virginia Beach 2:51 AM

Lydia R, Virginia Beach 2:51 AM

Deborah A, Fredericksburg 2:44 AM

Veronica C, Virginia Beach 2:27 AM

Sheila H, Alexandria 2:24 AM

Ronald W, Roanoke 2:21 AM

Yahshabel B, Alexandria 2:02 AM

Amanda D, Danville 2:01 AM

Paige N, Henrico 2:00 AM

Ravi S, Midlothian 1:51 AM

Adrian D, Danville 1:46 AM

Allen D, Rockingham 1:28 AM

Judy K, Grottoes 1:17 AM

Pamela A, Pembroke 1:16 AM

Michael C, Kenbridge 1:15 AM

Joseline A, Virginia Beach 12:53 AM

Rakesh P, Virginiabeach 12:35 AM

Sharon S, Grottoes 12:12 AM

Daily Instant Winners: 73
extra chances

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