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Skee-Ball Sweepstakes

Thanks for Playing - Contest Concluded

general rules

  • The Summer’s 2nd Chance Sweepstakes may be entered beginning May 21, 2013, and through September 2, 2013 (mail) or September 3, 2013 (internet).
  • Qualifying Scratchers are $1 Frisbee, $2 Skee-Ball and $5 Cornhole Cash.
  • To participate, a player must submit a non-winning Virginia Lottery Frisbee, Skee-Ball or Cornhole Cash ticket.
  • The Grand Prize drawing of $1,000 (Frisbee), $20,000 (Skee-Ball) and $100,000 (Cornhole Cash) will be drawn on September 4, 2013. Prizes depend on ticket entered.
  • Players may enter by US mail or via the Internet.
  • Entries received in a drawing will not be eligible for the next drawing with exception to the Grand Prize drawing, where all entries received are eligible for that game’s drawing.
  • We try to contact winners by email, phone and/or mail. If you want us to reach you quickly, be sure your contact information is up-to-date in MyGameRoom. If we can't reach a winner by the deadline listed in the rules, we will then move on to an alternate.
  • All entries must be received at the Lottery by:
    Draw Date Internet Entry Period*
    6/12/2013 6/3/2013 – 6/11/2013
    6/26/2013 6/12/2013 – 6/25/2013
    7/10/2013 6/26/2013 – 7/9/2013
    7/24/2013 7/10/2013 – 7/23/2013
    8/7/2013 7/24/2013 – 8/6/2013
    8/21/2013 8/7/2013 – 8/20/2013
    9/4/2013 8/21/13 – 9/3/2013
    9/4/2013** 6/3/2013 – 9/3/2013

    *All Internet entries will be accepted no later than 11:59 p.m.
    **All entries qualify for the final cash prize drawing for that game.

    Draw Date Mail-in Entry Period
    6/12/2013 6/3/2013 – 6/10/2013
    6/26/2013 6/11/2013 – 6/24/2013
    7/10/2013 6/25/2013 – 7/8/2013
    7/24/2013 7/9/2013 – 7/22/2013
    8/7/2013 7/23/2013 – 8/5/2013
    8/21/2013 8/6/2013 – 8/19/2013
    9/4/2013 8/20/13 – 9/2/2013
    9/4/2013* 6/3/2013 – 9/2 /2013

    *All entries qualify for the final cash prize drawing for that game.

  • Entries submitted will be valid for the drawing based on the date the entry is received by the Virginia Lottery.
  • This promotion is open to players 18 years of age or older. Players may be required to provide proof of their date of birth.
  • A player may enter this promotion more than once as long as a different qualifying entry is submitted. However, a player is eligible to win only one prize in each drawing.
  • All entries, whether submitted through the US mail or on the Internet have an equal chance of winning a prize.
  • Chances of winning any prize in this promotion depend on the number of total entries.
  • The Virginia Lottery will not be responsible for entries submitted incorrectly, or received before the entry start date or after the mail or internet end date. Such entries shall be deemed invalid.
  • This page does not include all official rules. To download all the official rules, click here.

internet entry rules

  • To participate, a player must submit the Sweepstakes Entry Number (back of ticket) and the Sweepstakes Web Code (front of ticket) from one (1) qualifying ticket.
  • The Sweepstakes Web code is the 6-digit alpha numeric code found under the latex on the front of the ticket. The Sweepstakes Entry Number is the 14-digit number found on the back of the ticket.
  • A Sweepstakes Entry Number may be entered only one time.
  • Players must retain the non-winning tickets entered as proof of eligibility to claim a prize. HOLD ON TO YOUR TICKETS.
  • The Virginia Lottery will not be responsible for Sweepstakes Entry Numbers that are transposed or entered incorrectly.
  • Winners who do not to respond to their winner notification will forfeit their Prize and an alternate will be selected (keep your tickets for 90 days from the draw date in case you were pulled as an alternate).

mail-in entry rules

  • Only one (1) entry per envelope. An entry consists of one (1) non-winning qualifying ticket.
  • Print your full name, address, city, state, ZIP code, Date of Birth and daytime telephone number on the back of the ticket. Entries MUST include ALL information to be eligible.
  • Send the ticket in an envelope no larger than 4.5" x 9.5" to:

    Virginia Lottery SKEE-BALL® Sweepstakes
    Post Office Box 788
    Richmond, Virginia 23218
  • Do not send winning tickets to the Sweepstakes entry address. Tickets that have won a prize are not eligible for drawings.
  • Entries mailed to any other Lottery address will not be eligible for the drawing and will not be returned to the player.
  • Entries that have been submitted on the Internet are not eligible to be mailed in as entries.

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