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Set it and forget it
with Auto-Renewal!

Never miss a drawing with Auto-Renewal!

Set it and forget it with Auto-Renewal!

Auto-Renewal is a service provided by the Lottery that lets players choose their numbers for draw games one time and then have their tickets automatically purchased again every two weeks. Auto-Renewal is available for Mega MillionsPowerball or Cash4Life®.

For players, Auto-Renewal means less work on a weekly basis, fewer bank account charges to monitor and never missing a drawing.

Here’s how to set it up:

  • Select your favorite numbers once.
  • When you purchase the tickets, simply click the button next to Auto-Renewal, so it displays the word Yes.
  • The service is available whether you choose your own numbers or use Easy Pick.
  • Your ticket(s) will be automatically purchased every two weeks.

That’s it.

You save time and space in your brain while never missing a drawing in the process.