Virginia Lottery gift cards

Virginia Lottery gift cards have arrived! Load them with up to $200! Great for you or a Lottery lover!


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Virginia Lottery gift cards: For you or a Lottery lover in your life!

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a Virginia Lottery lover but can’t choose one game, the new Virginia Lottery gift cards are the perfect solution!

Each Mastercard® gift card can be loaded with as little as $20 or as much as $200. The cards can be redeemed at retailers who accept Mastercard® credit or debit cards.

Keep in mind: The activation fee for the gift card is $5.95. In terms of using the card multiple times, each gift card can be used multiple times until the value of the gift card is zero. The gift card is not reloadable, so, once the value is zero, it can’t be used again.

The Lottery is partnering with RoundPeak Systems, LLC to offer these cards to players and anyone who has a Lottery fan in mind.

The cards can be purchased at

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Virginia Lottery Gift Card FAQs:

The Lottery now offers Lottery-branded gift cards. RoundPeak Systems, LLC is our partner in the program. Courtesy of RoundPeak, below are answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the program.

These non-reloadable gift cards can be used to purchase Lottery products via retail, the Lottery vending machine or online. The gift cards also can be used to purchase other products provided the retailer accepts Mastercard®.

No. The gift card can be used multiple times until the value remaining on the gift card is zero

No. The gift card will be sold by retailers within the gift-card distribution network.

No. The gift-card program operates independently from the Lottery’s gaming system.

The activation fee is $5.95 for a variable-load gift card with a value from $20 to $200.

All cards will be active for a minimum of five years. Once a card has been inactive for a continuous period of 13 months, Virginia allows a monthly maintenance fee to defray the cost of keeping the card active on the processor’s system and for administrative overhead.

Gift cards must be registered at During the registration process, you will be asked to set a PIN and verify your zip code. You will use the PIN or zip code when making purchases.

For questions about Lottery gift cards, call 1-800-426-9233 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. (PST).

No. A gift card can’t be reloaded. Once the full value of the gift card is used, the gift card has no value and can’t be used again.