Print ‘n Play Rolling Jackpot is instant fun

just like the commercial to promote the game


Print ‘n Play Rolling Jackpot launched this summer, and it’s not like the Lottery’s other Print ‘n Play games. It combines the thrill of a jackpot game with the instant nature of some of the other Lottery games. Players can find out if they’ve won without waiting for a drawing.

The game features three price points ($2, $5 and $10). The jackpot never goes below $50,000 and grows with every ticket sold until the jackpot is won. The $2 game can win 20% of the jackpot, the $5 game can win 50% of the jackpot, and the $10 game can win 100% of the jackpot. To promote the game, the Lottery shot a commercial in Norfolk. The commercial turned out great, so let’s take a look behind the scenes of the shoot!

jackIf you haven’t seen the commercial on TV (watch it here), it introduces Jack, the Rolling Jackpot sign. During the commercial, Jack spells out funny messages to catch pedestrians off guard and grab their attention, so he can tell them about the game. Jack serves as a clever way to show the constantly growing nature of the jackpot.

blogTo make the commercial happen, the crew set up shop in Norfolk’s Waterside District. For the surprise effect, the crew hid cameras in trees, trucks and signs to capture footage from all angles. There was even a crew member with a GoPro hidden in the strap of a backpack to get close-up shots!

It took several hours to set up the hidden cameras. By noon, the team and its gear were up and rolling as patrons walked through the park on their way to a nearby festival. To help guide pedestrians over to the sign, the crew hired several actors. A stenographer was inside a nearby trailer ready to live-type custom messages to the people walking by too. After a few quippy remarks such as “Hey U…U in the red” or “Nice hat,” Jack would tell people about the

The crew filmed for hours to get all the footage they needed. It’s crazy to think how much time goes into just one 30-second commercial, but it was worth it when you see how well the commercial turned out! The Lottery and its staff hope you enjoy watching the commercial and playing the new game.

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Last updated 8/19/19