Big prizes were won HERE in October!


October winners are here!

At the Virginia Lottery, we’re always looking to share the stories of our winners. One way to do that is to show you where those wins occurred. If you’re interested in Lottery games such as Mega Millions or Scratchers, then it’s natural that you’d want to know where a big win happened, who won and what game the winner was playing. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the biggest Lottery prizes claimed in Virginia during October.

This map shows all of the Lottery prizes of $1,000 or more that were claimed in October. You’ll find more than 2,500 winners across Virginia. As you can see in the map, something we’ve often said about winners holds true: In bigger cities, more people are buying tickets and winning prizes. Everyone has the same chance of winning, but there will be more winners in places where more tickets are sold. That’s why you’ll see that there are more wins around the bigger cities in Virginia, but you’ll also see individual winners all across the commonwealth. From the Eastern Shore to the Blue Ridge Mountains and beyond, players have claimed more than $19 million in prizes in Virginia during the past month.

If you want to see winners near you, then you can use our interactive winner-awareness map.


Each dot on the map shows information on the retail location where the winning ticket was purchased, the winner’s first name, the prize amount won, the game involved and the date the prize was claimed.

The dots are in different colors for the different types of Lottery games we’ve got here in Virginia. Scratchers are green, draw games such as Powerball and Cash 5 are colored in blue, and Print ‘n Play games are orange.

As a reminder, this map only shows those big prizes that were claimed in October. It doesn’t include prizes that were won but haven’t been claimed yet.

Do you want to see your name on our list of winners next month? If you’ve recently won a prize playing one of our Virginia Lottery games, then learn more about how to claim a prize.

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Last Modified 11/8/19