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Here are the winners of Virginia’s New Year’s Millionaire Raffle!

There’s still one top-prize winner out there! Is it you?

The Virginia Lottery’s New Year’s Millionaire Raffle is a Virginia tradition. Each year, players are so excited for the annual drawing that tickets often sell out before New Year’s Eve. In 2019, the raffle broke records and sold out on December 21.

From November to December, loyal Lottery buffs and new players alike purchase raffle tickets with hopes of becoming Virginia’s first millionaires of the new year. Three lucky players win $1 million, and five lucky players win $100,000.

LaToya Gray-Rogers is a nurse in Portsmouth. One day, as her husband was heading out to the store, she called out, “Hey, buy me a ticket.” The ticket to which she was referring was for Virginia’s New Year’s Millionaire Raffle. Luckily for Latoya, her husband came home with all the items on the grocery list including the raffle ticket that would be worth $1 million come Jan. 1, 2020.

In Chesapeake, Jason Spainhour was waiting in line at the drive-through when he decided to check the raffle ticket that he bought in December. It was then that he discovered that he had won one of three $1 million top prizes in Virginia’s New Year’s Millionaire Raffle.

raffle winners
raffle winners

LaToya Gray-Rogers (left) and Jason Spainhour (right) receive their checks from Virginia Lottery Deputy Director Frank Wagner

Joining the likes of Jason and Latoya are five second-prize winners, who each won $100,000. These tickets were purchased in Arlington, Fredericksburg, Midlothian, Narrows and Winchester. There also were 500 winners of $500. Not a bad way to kick off 2020 if you ask us!

raffle winners

Still out there is the final $1 million-winning ticket. Is it hiding in a sock drawer forgotten over the Holidays? Is it tucked away in a wallet somewhere? Could you be Virginia’s next millionaire? Find out by checking your numbers here! If you find that you have that winning ticket, don’t forget to protect your play, and sign it to confirm ownership. We can’t wait to meet Virginia’s next millionaire!

Last updated 1/17/20