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Ten new Print ‘n Play games are here!

Four bingo games, four crossword games and two blackjack games!

The Lottery’s Print ‘n Play games not only give you the chance to play great games such as bingo, crossword and blackjack but also give you the excitement of the chance at an instant win. Now, the Lottery has 10 new games in the lineup! If you play the $10 bingo game or the $10 crossword game, you have the chance to win up to $75,000 instantly. The $5 blackjack game gives you the chance to win up to $50,000 instantly! But those aren’t the only games that launched on April 4. Check out the roster below with each game’s top prize in parentheses.

Don’t forget about Print ‘n Play Rolling Jackpot either. It features a Virginia-only jackpot that starts at $50,000 and grows with each ticket sold until the jackpot is won. You can find a retailer near you to check out all the new Print 'n Play games.

There’s a lot to check out in the Print ‘n Play lineup these days. Don’t miss it!

Odds of winning the top prize in each game: Bullseye Bingo: 1 in 240,000; Rockin’ Bingo: 1 in 280,000; Lucky Bingo: 1 in 340,000; Gold Bar Bingo: 1 in 480,000; Money Bag Crossword: 1 in 240,000; Horoscope Crossword: 1 in 280,000; Extreme Crossword: 1 in 340,000; Platinum Crossword: 1 in 480,000; Blackjack Classic: 1 in 240,000; High Stakes Blackjack: 1 in 480,000. Odds of winning the Print ‘n Play Rolling Jackpot top prize: 1 in 240,000.

Last updated 4/15/21