Scratchers, online games or Print ‘n Play. Every Tuesday means new games.

On April 4, the Lottery launched four new Scratchers and one new online instant game. That day marked the beginning of a new Lottery tradition: New games every Tuesday! Coming up with an exciting way to announce this was tricky, but we think we ended up with the right idea.

The first Tuesday of each month will still feature new Scratchers. From there, the following Tuesdays will feature either a new online game, a new Print ‘n Play game or, occasionally, an online raffle for those few months with a fifth Tuesday.

The goal is to deliver something fresh for players every Tuesday. Want to see the schedule for April? Our New games every Tuesday home page is the place to go. We’ll update it each month with a new schedule! Plus, today is Tuesday, so we launched Road Trip, an exciting new online game. Check it out!

Last updated 4/11/23