Get in on MyGameRoom Giveaways

Becoming an account holder now means a chance to win prizes!

The Lottery loves its players, and it loves rewarding them too.

Many Lottery players have a MyGameRoom (MGR) account. An MGR account is similar to a loyalty account, but you don’t gain points like at a grocery or department store. Rather, an MGR account allows players to enter tickets into eXTRA Chances, participate in promotions and receive emails about offers and products. It also lets players purchase subscriptions for draw games and use MobilePlay in the Lottery app to purchase draw game tickets and play e-games when at a Lottery retailer. As of the end of October, the Lottery had 605,400 players with active MGR accounts.

To reward MGR account holders, the Lottery has launched MyGameRoom Giveaways.

Throughout the year, the Lottery will give away prizes to MGR account holders as chosen via drawing. The Lottery already has awarded two pairs of tickets for the Virginia Tech v. University of Virginia football game and two framed, autographed Redskins jerseys to MGR account holders.

The only entry requirements are an active MGR account and to be opted in to receive emails from the Lottery. If you have those two things, you’ll be able to stay on top of new giveaways and easily enter for the chance to win. MGR account holders also can enter via the MyGameRoom Giveaway landing page.

If you don’t have an MGR account, no sweat. It’s easy to get one. Once you do, keep an eye on your email and the Lottery’s social media channels where you can be one of the first people to see new giveaways!

Last updated 12/3/19