These new games can spring you into fun!

Spring is slowly settling in, and the May Scratchers are here to brighten the season even more. This Scratcher launch features a variety of play styles and is loaded with chances to win. Let’s take a look at the games (with the price of the ticket in parentheses).

  • Money Match ($2) – If you find two matching symbols in the same game, you win a prize! Prizes start at $5. You could win up to $25,000 playing Money Match.
  • Double Your Money ($5) – Prizes start at $10 in Double Your Money. Plus, each ticket gives you the chance to find a 2X multiplier!
  • $300,000 Crossword Inferno ($10) – Each ticket has three crossword puzzles, a Hot Match and four Hot Bonus Words! You could win up to $300,000 playing this game!
  • Supreme Riches ($20) – The sparkle makes this Scratcher supreme. You could win up to $2,000,000* playing this game!

Now, it’s just a question of figuring out whether you want to try to make a match, see if you can find a 2X multiplier, try to decipher a crossword Scratcher or find out what the diamonds have in store.

Odds of winning top prize in each game: Money Match: 1 in 874,285.71; Double Your Money: 1 in 1,387,200; $300,000 Crossword Inferno: 1 in 734,400; Supreme Riches: 1 in 1,428,000. *All $2,000,000 prizes will be paid in annual installments for 30 years. Cash value = $1,250,000. GLEAM™ is a trademark of IGT Global Solutions Corporation. Odds of winning any prize in the eXTRA Chances promotion depend on the total number of entries received.

Last Modified 5/6/22