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We’re back with another edition of the winner-awareness maps for May. These maps show all Lottery prizes over $1,000 that were claimed in May.

 May 2021 Winners 

In May, the Lottery had more than 1,500 retail players win $1,000 or more, which totaled over $19 million in prize winnings! More than 600 online-games players won $1,000 or more, which totaled over $2 million in prize winnings!

For Gayle Clifton of Craigsville, it was better late than never as she was gifted a Powerball ticket from her husband as a belated Mother’s Day gift.  She won $150,000 with the ticket!

“It feels like I finally had some good luck!” she told Virginia Lottery officials as she claimed her prize.

Willie Green of Henrico County was in the middle of doing a good deed for a friend by helping to put up a door for her. As he was taking a break, he scratched a winning Electric 7s Super Ticket™ Scratcher. He won $777,777!

“I had to look at it three or four times!” he later told Virginia Lottery officials. “I had to tell her I’d come back and finish the door tomorrow!”

Interested in seeing more winners and prizes claimed in May? Just view the map below, or visit our interactive map of retail winners.

may 2021 retail map

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may 2021 online map

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