Big prizes were won here in March!

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A garden of Virginia Lottery winners bloomed across the commonwealth in March! The maps below show all Lottery prizes over $1,000 that were claimed in March 2022.

March 2022 Winners

In March, over 1,880 retail players won $1,000 or more, which totaled over $16 million in prize winnings, and over 900 online-game players won $1,000 or more, which totaled over $3.7 million in prize winnings!

John Afroilan of Springfield works as a cook, and he bought a Scratcher that ended up having the winning recipe. He purchased an Instant Millionaire Scratcher from the 7-Eleven at 7320 Gambrill Road in Springfield that ended up winning him the game’s $1 million top prize.

He plans to use the money to pay off student loans and start a college fund for his daughter.

Alexis Borrero of Chesapeake could not sleep, so she decided to play an online game from the Virginia Lottery. She settled on VIP Ultra and ended up winning the Crown Jewel Jackpot, which was worth $226,351. “It was an amazing feeling!” she said. “It’s a feeling I’ve never had before!”

Ms. Borrero intends to use the winnings to pay bills and invest.

Interested in seeing more winners and prizes claimed from March? Just view the map below, or visit our interactive map of retail winners.

March 2022 retail winner map


Check out our interactive map of online-game winners from March too.

March 2022 online winner map

Last Modified 5/6/22