Big prizes were claimed HERE in March!

Check out the interactive maps below to see more information on prizes claimed in March 2020 across Virginia.


See our latest Virginia Lottery winners from March!

April showers bring May flowers, but they also bring winners! As we pass the halfway point in April, let’s look back at the latest edition of our Big Winners map for March. This map shows all Lottery prizes greater than $1,000 that were claimed last month. We’re excited to share that in March, we had more than 1,200 players win $1,000 or more, which totaled more than $7.7 million in prize winnings!

We started off the month with an exciting win in our Print ‘n Play Rolling Jackpot game. Kim Hartson of Front Royal won more than $218,000 while playing this Virginia-only jackpot game. Print ‘n Play Rolling Jackpot is a progressive-jackpot game, which means that the jackpot increases with each ticket sold until the jackpot is won!

Next, Jacquelyn Lombos was driving with a friend from her home in Woodbridge to Hampton Roads. Along the way, they stopped for gas. That’s when Ms. Lombos bought a Millionaire Maker Scratcher. The two took turns scratching the ticket- that’s when they discovered it was worth $1 million!

"He looked at it, and I looked at it," she recalled. "We asked, ‘Is this for real? Are we missing something?'"

A few days later, Robin Lawler had a similar experience. The Sterling woman thought she had won $600 playing a Virginia Lottery game. But, in the store’s parking lot, she examined the ticket and realized how much she won- the game’s top prize of $1 million! And, best of all, it happened on her birthday!

Finally, Ruben Escalante Palomino stopped for gas near his home in Centreville. While there, he went inside to get a coffee and a doughnut- along with two 20X The Money Scratchers. When he scratched the first ticket, he won $50. When he scratched the second ticket, he discovered it was worth $1 million!

There are more exciting winners from across Virginia than we can feature here. Look at the interactive map below to find winners in your area or see what prizes have been won in your favorite games such as Mega Millions or Pick 3. As we’ve highlighted in previous posts, each dot on the map below represents a prize of $1,000 or more that was claimed in March. You can see information for each dot including the winner’s name, the amount he or she won and where the winning ticket was purchased. Each color corresponds to a different type of game- Scratchers are green, draw games such as Powerball are shown in blue, and Print ‘n Play games are orange.

To see our latest interactive winner-awareness map for March, look no further than the image below.

march retail winners map

And with many Virginians staying and working at home, it’s also a great time to showcase some of the winners that we see from our Online Play subscriptions program, as well as those winners that won playing through MobilePlay in the Virginia Lottery app.

During March, there were more than 490 winners of $50 or more. Those wins added up to more than $96,000 in total winnings last month.

march digital winners map

As we wrap up for the month, remember that there’s an unclaimed Cash 5 ticket that is set to expire soon. The ticket won $50,000 in the Sept. 30, 2019 drawing. The winning numbers for that drawing were 4-5-10-15-28, so make sure to check your tickets!

Your safety is paramount

And while we know it’s fun to play the Virginia Lottery, remember to play it safe. The Lottery strongly encourages social distancing, so you can check out different ways you can play Lottery games safely while enacting social distancing.

We hope to see YOUR name on our Big Winners map next month!

Last Modified 4/17/20