July Scratchers are here!

Two number-themed games, a blackjack ticket + a chance to win up to $300,000!


New Scratchers, new chances to winticket examples

On July 6, the Lottery launched its July Scratchers, and the lineup features games that offer different playstyles and lots of chances to win! The July roster has two tickets with a numbers theme, a blackjack game that gives you a chance to multiply a prize by 10 times and a crossword Scratcher that is sure to excite both new crossword players and loyal crossword lovers.

The Lottery is always trying to come up with fresh Scratchers for players to enjoy, and the entire Scratcher lineup features games at price points ranging from $1 to $30. You can find the latest Scratchers at your local Lottery retailer and at Lottery Vending Machines that are located in retailers around Virginia.

Now, on to the July Scratchers! Read on for more details about the games. 

  • $1 7 - This 7-themed game gives you six chances to win on each ticket, and, if you reveal a double 7, you win double the prize shown. You could win up to $1,777!
  • $2 Lucky No. 13 – You might not think of 13 as a lucky number, but this game could change your mind! If you reveal a 13, you win triple the prize shown!
  • $5 High Roller Blackjack – This blackjack Scratcher features three tables on each ticket for triple the fun! Plus, if one of your hands adds up to 21 and has two red numbers, you win 10 times the prize shown for that hand! You could win up to $100,000!
  • $10 Mega Crossword – The Lottery knows players love crossword games, so here’s one with extra play action in the form of three separate puzzles on each ticket! You could win up to $300,000 playing this game!

Don’t forget that non-winning Lucky No. 13 Scratchers are eligible for eXTRA Chances, so, even if your Lucky No. 13 Scratcher isn’t a winner, you have another chance to win.

The July lineup of games has something for every adult player, and every day with one of these games has a chance to be a good day.

Odds of winning the top prize in each game: 7: 1 in 367,200; Lucky No. 13: 1 in 1,713,600; High Roller Blackjack: 1 in 2,040,000; Mega Crossword: 1 in 734,400. Odds of winning in the eXTRA Chances promotion depend on the total number of entries received. 


Last Modified 7/9/21