These Scratchers deliver the sizzle!

The July Scratchers deliver a sizzle that matches the summer heat. These games feature stunning ticket art, chances to win and an exciting top prize in each one.

Here are the four new games that launched on July 5. The ticket price is in parentheses after the game name.

  • Hot $500s ($1) –Try to reveal more than 100 degrees on your ticket’s Heat Scale. You could win up to $500! Can you top 100?
  • 7 Series ($2) – If you find a 7, you win the prize shown. You could win up to $17,777! Plus, check out the five different scenes in this game.
  • Packed with $500s ($5) – If you find a WIN, you win all 15 prizes on the ticket! The entire game is loaded with $500 prizes! It’s packed with ‘em!
  • Payday Bonu$ ($10) –Each Payday Bonu$ ticket features 20 chances to win plus one Bonus spot. You could win up to $500,000 playing this game!

You have choices with the July Scratchers. You could try to add up the degrees in Hot $500s or try to win the $500,000 top prize in Payday Bonu$. Or you could collect the five different scenes in 7 Series as you try to win up to $17,777 playing that game. And don’t forget Packed with $500s! The July lineup has it all. Enjoy!

Odds of winning top prize in each game: Hot $500s: 1 in 459,000; 7 Series: 1 in 1,713,600; Packed with $500s: 1 in 833; Payday Bonu$: 1 in 1,672,800. Odds of winning any prize in the eXTRA Chances promotion depend on the total number of entries received.

Last Modified 7/7/22