Learn how to play Pick 3!

Check out the new FIREBALL add-on!


pick 3 infographic

Pick 3 now features FIREBALL, an add-on that offers another chance to win!

What’s changed about Pick 3?

For the base game, nothing has changed. Players can still play Pick 3 just as they always have.

Here’s how to play Pick 3:

  • Choose your play amount. You can play Pick 3 for $1 or 50¢.
  • Choose your play type.
  • Choose your draw. You can play a day draw, night draw or both!
  • Choose your own numbers on a playslip. Pick a three-digit number from 000 through 999.
  • Or use Easy Pick, and let the computer choose your numbers for you.
  • The day drawing takes place daily at 1:59 p.m., and the night drawing takes place daily at 11 p.m.
  • The Pick 3 cutoff time occurs daily at 1:53 p.m. ET for the day drawing and at 10:45 p.m. ET for the night drawing.

Play types

  • Exact Order: Match all three digits in the same order as drawn.
  • Any Order: Match all three of the digits drawn; the order doesn't matter.
  • 50/50: Split a $1 play in half! Put 50¢ on Exact Order and 50¢ on Any Order.
  • Combo: Play Exact Order on every possible combination of a three-digit number.
  • Pairs: Choose only two digits! Win with an Exact Order match regardless of what third digit is drawn.


  • After each day and night Pick 3 drawing, the FIREBALL number will be drawn from 10 numbered balls (0-9).
  • You can use the FIREBALL number to replace any of the Lottery-drawn numbers to make new combinations (create three sets of numbers for Pick 3). If your numbers with the FIREBALL number match the winning numbers, you win a FIREBALL prize.
  • Adding FIREBALL doubles the cost of your play(s).
  • Adding FIREBALL improves your chance to win a prize.
  • All FIREBALL wins are separate and in addition to other Pick 3 wins.

Play options

  • Buy a Multi-Draw ticket to play 91 or fewer consecutive Pick 3 draws on one ticket. Please keep in mind that the ticket price increases for each draw you add.
  • You can buy a ticket for one future draw date. It's called a Future Play. Mark the Optional Plays box on your playslip, and let the clerk know the future draw date you have in mind.
  • You can Repeat your play and have the same numbers printed on more than one ticket up to 20 times.

Odds of winning the Pick 3 top prize: 1 in 1,000. FIREBALL odds of winning vary by the unique numbers played.

Last Modified 6/11/2021