ticket exampleFestive flair, chances to win and five $1 million prizes in the Raffle!

The holidays are fast-approaching, and one clear sign that we’re getting closer to that special time of year is the launch of the Lottery’s Holiday games. The Holiday Scratchers and tickets for Virginia’s New Year’s Millionaire Raffle went on sale on November 1.

The Holiday Scratcher lineup has four games. Here’s a description of the games with the price of each one in parentheses.

  • Holiday Cash Drop ($1) – This game features four seasonal scenes and over $450,000 in $25 prizes in the entire game!
  • Festive Bucks ($2) – The snow globe on each ticket features a flurry of chances to win! The entire game is packed with $50 top prizes!
  • Holiday Winnings ($5) –Scratch the ticket, and you’ll reveal vibrant, full-color symbols. Try to match numbers or match three symbols.
  • Festive Riches ($10) – Festive Riches delivers festive fun and the chance to multiply a prize! Plus, there are three bonus games on each ticket.

Virginia’s New Year’s Millionaire Raffle is back, and it has more prizes! There are five $1 million prizes, seven $100,000 prizes and 1,000 $500 prizes. A Raffle ticket gives you a chance to start 2023 with a win.

You can get any of these games at a Lottery retailer near you or a Lottery Vending Machine. The holiday season is on its way, and the Lottery’s Holiday games are a great way to get in the spirit.

Odds of winning top prize in each game: Holiday Cash Drop: 1 in 408; Festive Bucks: 1 in 306; Holiday Winnings: 1 in 360; Festive Riches: 1 in 816. Odds of winning any prize in the eXTRA Chances promotion depend on the total number of entries received. Odds of winning in Virginia’s New Year’s Millionaire Raffle: $1,000,000 top prize: 1 in 125,000; $100,000 prize: 1 in 89,286; $500 prize: 1 in 625. Overall odds of winning a prize in Vegas Cash Drop: 1 in 4.60. Odds of winning top prize in Vegas Cash Drop: 1 in 2,000,000. GIFT RESPONSIBLY. Lottery games are not for minors.

Last updated 11/7/22