Giving back to
public education in Virginia

Lottery-sponsored education events and conferences spur connections, fun

The Virginia Lottery gives back to public education in many ways. In addition to turning over all profits to the Department of Education each year, the Lottery is known for its award-winning Thank a Teacher and Super Teacher programs. But, did you know that through our partnerships with the many professional associations within Virginia’s education community, we are able to support educators directly through the sponsorship of professional-development conferences and events? It's true.

Each year, the Lottery sponsors over 60 of these events where teachers, school administrators and others in the education community gather to learn and grow. Educators are at the heart of what we do, and we are proud to sponsor opportunities for them to continue their professional development and engage with their peers from across Virginia.

Teachers, principals and superintendents are on the ground working hard each day to make our schools better, and they know what schools need. At these events, we have the opportunity for one-on-one engagement with these key stakeholders, so we can learn about the real issues facing educators. The hope is that our Public Affairs and Community Relations efforts can better serve them through future sponsorships and campaigns.

We love to talk business. But we’re the Virginia Lottery, and we also love fun. We always bring promotional Scratchers for educators and attendees! When professional-development conferences and events resume, be sure to stop by for a visit at one of our tables – we’d love to chat!

Last updated 5/1/20