FIREBALL is a new way to win!

Starting Monday, Pick 3 and Pick 4 will feature the new add-on!


Pick 3 and Pick 4 offer players two drawings each day and assorted ways to play their favorite numbers. Starting Monday, a new way to win each of these games is launching, and it’s called FIREBALL.

First, it’s important to note that the base games will not be changing. Players can still play either game exactly as they always have. However, if a player wants to try FIREBALL, it has some exciting features.

Here’s a sneak peek at the mechanics of FIREBALL.

  • Adding FIREBALL improves your chance to win a prize.
  • After each day and night Pick 3 and Pick 4 drawing, the FIREBALL number will be drawn from 10 numbered balls (0-9) for each game.
  • You can use the FIREBALL number to replace any of the Lottery-drawn numbers to make new combinations (create three sets of numbers for Pick 3 and four sets for Pick 4). If your numbers with the FIREBALL number match the winning numbers, you win a FIREBALL prize.
  • Adding FIREBALL doubles the cost of your play(s).

There’s a lot to like about FIREBALL. It improves your chance to win a prize and could add some heat to your normal Pick 3 or Pick 4 play! If you want to know more, visit on May 3 to get complete game information and odds.

Odds of winning the Pick 3 top prize: 1 in 1,000. Odds of winning the Pick 4 top prize: 1 in 10,000. FIREBALL odds of winning vary by the unique numbers played.

Last Modified 4/28/2021