Big prizes were won HERE in February!

Check out the interactive maps below to see more information on prizes claimed in February 2020 across Virginia.


See our latest Virginia Lottery winners from February!

Just because February is a short month doesn’t mean that we were short on Virginia Lottery winners! We’re back with the latest update to our Big Winners map, which looks at all the Virginia Lottery prizes greater than $1,000 that were claimed in February. Even with only 29 days, we had more than 1,800 players win $1,000 or more, which totaled more than $49,450,000!

February saw players win playing a variety of games from Scratchers to Powerball to Print ‘n Play Rolling Jackpot! We started off the month with two $1,000,000 wins for Mega Millions and Powerball.

First, Bob Ogrodnik of Virginia Beach matched five of the six numbers drawn in Mega Millions to win the second prize of $1,000,000. “It was sort of a shock,” he told Virginia Lottery officials. “My mind is swimming!”

Next, Mildred Semones of Bristol won $1,000,000 by matching the first five Powerball numbers.

Later in the month, Mark Meye was on his lunch break when he decided to play some Virginia Lottery games. One of the games he played was Print ‘n Play Rolling Jackpot, and he won the game’s $107,528 jackpot. “I couldn’t believe it!” the Dumfries man said as he claimed his prize.

On Feb. 14, we presented Joseph K. Heaton with a $10,000,000 check for his top prize win playing Extreme Millions. “My head has been spinning ever since,” Mr. Heaton later said. Talk about a sweet surprise for Valentine’s Day!

Just a few days later, we had the last $1,000,000 winner in Virginia’s New Year’s Millionaire Raffle, Daniel Schuman, come forward to claim his prize. Mr. Schuman told Lottery officials that his wife bought him the winning ticket. “It was shocking,” he said. “It’s like, this isn’t what we expected!” Don’t forget: You can see a list of all the Raffle winning numbers from this year’s drawing on our website.

We wrapped up the month with two exciting Win A Spin live spins. Unlike typical Scratchers, Win A Spin doesn’t feature a fixed top prize. Instead, winners get a live spin on the big Win A Spin wheel to determine their prize, which could be up to $500,000!

First, Douglas Rowe of Williamsburg won $150,000 spinning the big wheel. When he discovered what he’d won after purchasing the Scratcher, he said he did two fist pumps and called his daughter with the good news.

Our second Win A Spin winner was Lora Puffenbarger of Mt. Solon, Va. She spun the wheel at Virginia Lottery headquarters in Richmond and won $125,000.

There are more interesting stories and excited winners each month than we can feature here. Check out the map below to find winners near you or see who’s winning playing your favorite games. Each dot on the map below corresponds to a prize of $1,000 or more that was claimed in February. Each dot also shows information about that win such as the winner’s name, the game played, the prize amount and where the winning ticket was bought. Each dot is a different color- Scratchers are green, draw games are shown in blue, and Print ‘n Play games are in orange.

To see the latest map of February winners across Virginia, check out the interactive winner-awareness map below!

february 2020 retail winners map

We also like to highlight winners from our Online Play subscriptions program, as well as winners playing via MobilePlay in the Virginia Lottery app. In February, there were more than 600 winners of $50 or more, and those wins added up to more than $147,000 in total winnings last month.

february 2020 digital winners map

Before we wrap up for the month, don’t forget that there’s an expiring ticket alert for two Powerball tickets that were bought in Newport News and Ashland, Va. These $50,000 prizes are set to expire soon, so if you want to see your name on our next big winners map, then make sure to check your tickets!

Last Modified 3/4/20