Big prizes were won here in December!

Check out the interactive maps below to see more information on prizes claimed in December 2021 around Virginia.


See our latest Virginia Lottery winners from December

December saw a flurry of winners across Virginia! The maps below show all Lottery prizes over $1,000 that were claimed in December. 

December 2021 Winners

In December, we had over 1,400 retail players win $1,000 or more, which totaled over $11 million in prize winnings. Over 700 online-game players won $1,000 or more, which totaled over $2 million in prize winnings!  

Dennis Willoughby of North Chesterfield was on a mission to buy some chocolate milk for his kids when he stopped at a 7-Eleven. While there, he picked up a $1,000,000 Platinum Jackpot Scratcher.

His ticket ended up being a winner; he won the game’s $1 million top prize. Mr. Willoughby had the choice of receiving the full $1 million prize in annual payments over 30 years or a one-time cash option of $640,205 before taxes. He chose the cash option.

While doing laundry, Maricus "Bezo" Barnes of Hampton stumbled across an old Cash 5 with EZ Match ticket. "I was about to throw it away," he recalled. "But then I decided to check it because it might be worth a few bucks."

His intuition was right! That ticket turned out to be worth $387,450.

Interested in seeing more winners and prizes claimed from December? Just view the map below, or visit our interactive map of retail winners. 

december 2021 retail winner map

Check out our interactive map of online-game winners for December too. 

december 2021 online winner map

Last Modified 2/4/22