Big prizes were won HERE in December!


Check out these December winners in Virginia!

Looking for the latest Lottery winners across Virginia? You’re in luck: We’re back with the latest installment of our Big Winners map! In December 2019, we had more than 2,300 players win prizes greater than $1,000, which totaled more than $14 million for just those winners alone!

As we did with our October and November winner-awareness maps, each dot that appears on the map below shows a prize greater than $1,000 that was claimed in December. Click on a dot for more information about the prize- the winner’s first name, the prize amount that was won, the retailer where the winning ticket was sold and the game that was played. The color for each dot matches a different category of Lottery games- Virginia Lottery Scratchers are green, draw games such as Powerball and Cash 5 are blue, and Print ‘n Play instant games are orange.

Just a reminder: This map only shows big prizes that were claimed in December. It doesn’t include prizes won in Virginia that have not yet been claimed at one of our eight Customer Service Centers across Virginia. That means information about winners from Virginia’s New Year’s Millionaire Raffle won’t be available until those winners come forward.

To see the latest map of December winners in Virginia, click on the interactive winner-awareness map below!

retail winners map

We also have a map illustrating the latest winners from our Online Play subscriptions program and MobilePlay winners from the Virginia Lottery app. In December, there were nearly 500 winners of $50 or more, and these players won more than $190,000 total in December!

digital winners map

Are you a first-time winner? Learn more about how to claim a prize, and hopefully we’ll see you holding a big check at one of our offices soon!

Last Modified 1/8/20