How to cash a winning Virginia Lottery ticket when the prize is $600 or less


game machine imageWhile taking a stroll, you spot the shining Virginia Lottery neon sign hanging in a corner market’s window. You feel like a winner and decide to go in and purchase a $30 Extreme Millions Scratcher. You recall seeing a commercial: There are two $10 million-winning tickets remaining. After scratching the ticket you purchased, you check if it is a winner on the Lottery’s user-friendly Game Machine. To your surprise, you won $600. What’s next?

storefrontFortunately, you can get your prize money right where you are: at the retailer. Lottery retailers can cash all winning tickets with a prize up to $600. Retailers may pay prizes with cash, certified check, cashier’s check, business check, money order or any combination of these methods. There is no cashing fee or taxes when cashing tickets at our retailer locations.

If you win $601 or more, you can collect your winnings at one of eight Customer Service Centers throughout Virginia.

In addition to bringing in your winning ticket, you are required to provide documentation that can be used to verify your identity. Learn about the acceptable forms of identification by referencing the Lottery’s information on how to cash a winning ticket. At the Lottery, we celebrate every win big or small.

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Last modified 10/22/19