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These games offer exciting top prizes and a 2nd Chance online game!

This June, there’s a new family of Virginia Lottery Scratchers to thrill players: the Ca$h Cha$er family. And they’re spinning up chances to win on the tickets and via jackpot drawing.

There are four Ca$h Cha$er tickets (ticket price in parentheses). $500 Ca$h Cha$er ($1) features 6 chances to win on the ticket and a top prize of $500. $15,000 Ca$h Cha$er ($2) offers 12 chances to win on the ticket and a $15,000 top prize. Next is $150,000 Ca$h Cha$er ($5), which carries 18 chances to win on each ticket and a shot at winning up to $150,000. And $500,000 Ca$h Cha$er ($10) has a whopping 24 chances to win on each ticket. Over the course of four games in the family, players have 60 chances to win instantly.

But not winning on the Scratchers doesn’t mean the fun ends. The Ca$h Cha$er 2nd Chance online game means players can enter any non-winning Ca$h Cha$er Scratcher and win entries into a weekly jackpot drawing. There are 16 separate drawings; the first one is for a $10,000 prize, and the final one is for a $150,000 prize. The jackpot gets bigger each week! The Ca$h Cha$er page has all of the details on the drawings and how many entries a non-winning Scratcher is eligible to win (it’s based on which ticket in the family is entered). The best way to maximize the number of entries you can win is to enter all four non-winning Scratchers; you get 50 bonus entries if you do so!

This summer, the Lottery is excited to watch the chase for cash unfold! Plus, on Sept. 22, someone will win $150,000 in the final jackpot drawing. The chase for cash is on!

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Last modified 6/5/20