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Cash 5 with EZ Match winners!

Players around Virginia have won in the daily drawing!

In October, the Lottery launched Cash 5 with EZ Match, and it’s been great to see players winning the jackpot* in the daily drawing! The jackpot starts at $100,000, and the new game has the EZ Match add-on. For an extra $1 per play, you can add EZ Match and get the chance to win up to $500 instantly. Cash 5 with EZ Match has it all: the chance to win instantly and the chance to win a big jackpot. Let’s take a look at a few recent jackpot winners.

People around the commonwealth have won the jackpot playing the new game. Plus, we've had 41 EZ Match top-prize wins as of mid-January. That means 41 $500 wins!

Will you be next?

Odds of winning the jackpot: 1 in 749,398. Odds of winning the EZ Match top prize: 1 in 84,000.

*Jackpot prize will be divided equally among multiple winning plays. The advertised top prize is an estimate and is paid in accordance with the Cash 5 with EZ Match game rules. Cash 5 with EZ Match tickets cannot be canceled, and all sales are final.


Last updated 1/22/21