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Check out the interactive maps below to see more information on prizes claimed in April 2021 across Virginia.


See our latest Virginia Lottery winners from April!

The month of April produced many big winners across the commonwealth. These maps show all Lottery prizes over $1,000 that were claimed in April.

April 2021 Winners

In April, the Lottery had more than 2,400 retail players win $1,000 or more for a total of over $19 million in prizes! More than 4,300 online-games players won $1,000 or more for a total of over $30 million in prizes!

One lucky winner was Edward Gerald of Louisa. He won $103,807 on a Print’n Play Rolling Jackpot ticket purchased at Hadensville Store located on Broad Street Road.

“I took the ticket out to the car to show my son, and I said, ‘You’re not going to believe this!’” he told Virginia Lottery officials.

Josh Quick and Shannon Harris were doing their grocery shopping at a Walmart in Waynesboro when they bought a Cash 5 with EZ Match ticket that resulted in a $894,591 win!

“I didn’t believe it at first,” Josh said. “I called her, and she didn’t believe it at first either.”

Interested in seeing more winners and prizes claimed from April? Just view the map below, or visit our interactive map of retail winners. 

april 2021 retail winner map

Check out our interactive map of online-games winners for April too.  

april 2021 online winner map

Last Modified 5/21/21