Big prizes were won HERE in April!

Check out the interactive maps below to see more information on prizes claimed in April 2020 across Virginia.


See our latest Virginia Lottery winners from April!

Who’s up for some good news? Even though the Virginia Lottery’s Customer Service Centers are closed, plenty of our winners have taken advantage of the opportunity to mail in their winning tickets during the past month. Any Virginia Lottery player with a winning ticket, no matter how large or how small the prize, can mail the ticket to the address shown on the back of the ticket.

During the month of April, Virginia Lottery players claimed more than $1.7 million in prizes that were purchased at retail locations - more than 450 different players won a piece of that total!

The winning started off on April 1 when Paul Lucas of Fairfax won $100,000 playing Powerball. And no, it wasn’t an April Fools’ Day joke! When Mr. Lucas matched four of the numbers plus the Powerball, he was on track to win $50,000. But, because he spent an extra dollar for Power Play® when he bought the ticket, he doubled his prize to $100,000!

Another big winner that also claimed the prize for a winning ticket was Ronnie Lester of Chesterfield. He won the top prize of $1 million playing the Lottery’s Millionaire Maker Scratcher.

“At first it didn’t hit me,” Mr. Lester said. “I was shocked!”

To learn more about other Virginia Lottery winners that claimed their prizes in April, look at the interactive map below. You can see winners near you or look to see what prizes were claimed for your favorite games such as Cash4Life® or Pick 4. As we’ve shared in previous posts, each point on the map shows a prize of $1,000 or more that was claimed during April. By clicking on the circle, you’ll see information such as the winner’s name, where the winning ticket was sold and the amount won. Each dot is a different color, which matches up to a different type of Virginia Lottery game. Scratchers are shown in green, Print ‘n Play games are orange, and draw games such as Mega Millions and Cash 5 are shown in blue.

To see our latest interactive winner-awareness map for April, just click on or touch the image below.

april retail winner map

Of course, those are only the big winners that bought their tickets at a Virginia Lottery retailer. While many Virginians are at home, they’re also taking advantage of the Lottery’s Online Play subscriptions program, as well as winning prizes through MobilePlay in the official Virginia Lottery app.

During April, there were more than 300 winners of $50 or more who won via Online Play or MobilePlay.

All those wins added up to more than $111,000 in total prize wins last month.

april digital winner map

Safety is everything

And while playing the Virginia Lottery can be a lot of fun, remember to play it safe. We strongly encourage social distancing, so check out different ways that you can play Lottery games safely while enacting social distancing.

If you have a winning ticket for which the prize-redemption period expires during the Governor's declared state of emergency, the Lottery will validate and pay the prize as long as you file your claim by mail or in person at a Customer Service Center no later than 30 days after Virginia's state of emergency order has been lifted.

Good luck! We hope that we get to see YOUR name on our Big Winners list soon!

Last Modified 5/8/20