The Lottery’s first $50 Scratcher is here!

Check out $326,000,000 Fortune.

The entire game has over $326,000,000 in total cash prizes!


It’s a first for the Virginia Lottery! The Lottery’s first $50 Scratcher, $326,000,000 Fortune, launched on October 4, 2022. The entire game is loaded with prizes ranging from $100 to $600 and features over $326,000,000 in total cash prizes.

This premium ticket gives you the chance to multiply a prize and has four Fortune Bonus Spots on each Scratcher. You could win up to $5,000,000* playing this game.

This thrilling new Scratcher is a first for us and a chance at a fortune for you!

Odds of winning top prize in $326,000,000 Fortune: 1 in 2,774,400. *All $5,000,000 prizes will be paid in annual installments for 30 years. Cash value = $3,125,000. Odds of winning any prize in the eXTRA Chances promotion depend on the total number of entries received.



Last updated10/14/2022