$100K Scratcher Replay means another shot at a win!

Non-winning Virginia Lottery Scratchers could lead to winning $500 or $10,000!

The Lottery is always looking for fresh ways to give players chances to win. With Lottery Scratchers, players can win small prizes, big prizes or even experiences. But what about those tickets that aren’t winners?

Some Lottery Scratchers have the eXTRA Chances symbol, which means that, if they’re not winners, they can be entered into the weekly eXTRA Chances drawing. Others have a 2nd Chance opportunity for non-winners that is specific to that game. Now, players can turn any non-winning Scratcher into a chance to win.

Introducing $100K Scratcher Replay.

Here’s how it works:

  • Any non-winning Scratcher (regardless of price) can be entered into the daily drawing.
  • There will be a daily drawing for 90 days in which two winners each will win $500. That’s $90,000 in prizes. The entry period is Jan. 2 to March 31, 2020.
  • Plus, each entry into a daily drawing is automatically entered into the grand-prize drawing for a $10,000 grand prize.
  • The grand-prize drawing is set for April 7.

All entries must be made online at or through the Virginia Lottery app. The retail price of the Scratcher a player enters is equal to the number of entries the player receives for that Scratcher. For example, a $30 Scratcher is worth 30 entries.

Visit for more details. The odds of winning a prize in the $100K Scratcher Replay promotion depend on the number of entries received.

The Lottery loves exciting ways to engage players and give them more shots at winning. $100K Scratcher Replay is a perfect example of that.

Didn’t win on that Scratcher you bought?

Replay it by entering it into $100K Scratcher Replay!

Last updated 1/10/20