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Throw Back Promotion - Throw Back to the 70s: VISA Cash Card - $25 (0 remaining)

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HIT It Big Time! Promotion - HIT $155,000: VISA Cash Card - $75 (0 remaining)

HIT It Big Time! Promotion - HIT $25,000: VISA Cash Card - $25 (0 remaining)

HIT It Big Time! Promotion - HIT $55,000: VISA Cash Card - $50 (0 remaining)

Margaret B, Centreville 11:09 PM

Tom M, Virginia Beach 10:28 PM

Stephen T, Sterling 9:39 PM

Andrea E, Moneta 9:03 PM

James N, Chantilly 8:50 PM

Michael M, Norfolk 8:23 PM

Stanley F, Fredericksburg 8:05 PM

James O, Richmond 7:59 PM

Pamela D, Salem 7:54 PM

Vernon W, Newport News 7:40 PM

Dawn B, Big Stone Gap 7:24 PM

Rasha F, Moneta 6:50 PM

Billy C, Mclean 6:44 PM

Jackie J, Richmond 6:35 PM

Lydia R, Virginia Beach 6:11 PM

Linda W, Colonial Heights 6:08 PM

Joel L, Henrico 6:07 PM

Stephanie R, Norfolk 5:45 PM

Randy S, Midlothian 5:43 PM

Dale M, Warrenton 4:53 PM

Dale M, Warrenton 4:30 PM

Peter A, Colonial Heights 4:27 PM

Leroy E, Richmond 4:20 PM

Benjamin D, Chesapeake 4:16 PM

Clyde S, Alexandria, Va 22306 3:51 PM

Angele J, Sterling 3:49 PM

Marji C, Fairfax 3:30 PM

Edward M, Radford 3:17 PM

Erica C, Chesapeake 3:09 PM

Roxanne M, Virginia Beach 2:07 PM

Patricia D, Virginia Beach 1:57 PM

Jose T, Virginia Beach 12:39 PM

Brenda D, Leesburg 12:35 PM

Justin W, Va Beach 12:34 PM

Derek M, North Chesterfield 11:52 AM

Gary A, Hyattsville 11:49 AM

Ronald E, Chesapeake 11:37 AM

Kathy H, Midlothian 11:31 AM

Angele J, Sterling 11:29 AM

Teresa D, Cloverdale 11:03 AM

Lindsey A, Richmond 11:02 AM

Jerome J, Mech. 10:47 AM

Lisa B, Rustburg 9:54 AM

Lisa B, Rustburg 9:50 AM

Felicia V, Richmond 8:21 AM

Edward M, Radford 7:48 AM

Monica S, Petersburg 7:18 AM

Dale T, Newport News 6:57 AM

Chiniqua T, Brodnax 6:52 AM

Phillip P, Quinton 6:48 AM

Steve P, Kingsport 6:30 AM

Shannon F, Richmond 6:10 AM

Stephen S, Chesapeake 6:01 AM

Fostenia P, Richmond 5:23 AM

William L, Millers Tavern 5:21 AM

Bonnie Q, Bunker Hill 5:12 AM

William H, Carrollton 5:00 AM

Hampton W, Danville 4:42 AM

Hampton W, Danville 4:13 AM

Vincent T, Manassas 3:31 AM

Floyd M, Portsmouth 2:33 AM

Deborah G, Troy 2:27 AM

Jesse W, Va Beach 1:51 AM

Pacquita F, Suffolk 1:37 AM

Ron S, Front Royal 1:34 AM

Floyd M, Portsmouth 1:33 AM

Randy Z, Hampton 12:58 AM

Jason A, Alexandria 12:56 AM

Muzamil Q, Springfield 12:44 AM

Darnitta W, Arlington 12:22 AM

Gilda R, Mcclure 12:19 AM

Timothy M, Midlothian 12:17 AM

Linda C, Newport News 12:12 AM

George K, Maidens 12:05 AM

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